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  1. Jassen M. West

    2 in wall speakers as center channel

    I was planning on mounting the screen to the wall, maybe offset by a few inches. Plans changed when I found a good deal on a Polk LSiM 706C that I have mounted just below the screen. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Jassen M. West

    2 in wall speakers as center channel

    It's been a long time HTF, nice to be back. Finally got a house that I can have a dedicated theater room. Here come the questions. I would like to have in wall speakers across the front mounted behind the projector screen. Mounting the center channel might be a problem as there is a stud right...
  3. Jassen M. West

    Dexter Season 5

    Even with that lens there is no way he had enough light to capture an image from shore to the boat. Also lenses that long are very heavy and he wouldn't be able to hold it steady enough to get a clear shot without a tripod.
  4. Jassen M. West

    The Baja Peninsula on Motorcycle

    Go to advrider.com. There are many baja ride reports and many people there that can help with planning and possibly vehicle storage.
  5. Jassen M. West

    In search of a good web host & web design software

    Front Page, Expression Web all result in "broken" pages in browsers other than Explorer. With the number of users that are on or going to browsers such as Opera, Firefox and Chrome I wouldn't risk my business losing sales due to a site that doesn't load correctly due to "instant website"...
  6. Jassen M. West

    Lost: Season 5

    The eyeliner, the scene when he had long hair, I think Richard was a pirate sailing aboard the Black Rock. :D
  7. Jassen M. West

    Lost: Season 5

    Desmond stumbled into camp naked, could we be in for a nice treat? ;)
  8. Jassen M. West

    Lost: Season 5

    We saw the foot from a boat previously and now we see the back of the statue from somewhere inland.
  9. Jassen M. West

    What words that people mis-pronounce that drive you nuts?

    It's not spelled cue-linary it's spelled culinary.
  10. Jassen M. West

    Make your own pizza - the Holy Grail?

    I've used large tortilla wraps to make pizza on the grill. Use the upper rack for a nice crunchy crust. Also when using regular dough drizzle some EVOO on the outer ring of dough before baking for a nice golden color.
  11. Jassen M. West

    Make your own pizza - the Holy Grail?

    Mix muenster with mozzarella in equal parts, I like to use 2/3rds muenster and 1/3 mozz for more flavor. Also, after you spread the sauce out sprinkle some oregano followed buy a light layer of parmesan then add the cheese mix.
  12. Jassen M. West

    Turning off ceiling fan without string or switch?

    Why not go all out... Clap on, Clap off
  13. Jassen M. West

    Metallica / Ice Cream / Taxes

    I thought CD sales increased when Napster first started due to people being able to find new bands and sample music. So was Napster really a bad thing? I have to agree with Dave, I have not bought a new CD in about 10 years because of the "focus on the non paying customer" mentality. I...
  14. Jassen M. West

    Heeeee's Baaaaaaack...

    What? The T.K. isn't in HD?
  15. Jassen M. West

    When did the standing ovation become meaningless?

    There is a local entertainment venue that brings about 4 or 5 Broadway shows per year. The last show they brought was "Chicago" and I thought it was horrible. No dancing during "Cell Block Tango", Matron Momma had a bad voice, Roxy was played as a child instead of just naive. There was...