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    What happened to LCVG?

    Woooooo...it's good to find you guys again, I was really worried about the site and have been having withdrawal. Didn't think about checking here at the HTF until now! :) Can't wait until the site is back up... - secretvampire
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    Civilian Contract Work In Iraq - Would You Do It? (NON POLITICAL)....

    Personally, I wouldn't do this for any amount of money, but everybody has different circumstances. I have a wife now as of two months ago, and we don't see each other enough as it is with her persuing a PhD and me having a full time job. I also have a decent career in computers, so the money...
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    For those who shop Amazon, have you checked your gift certificate balance?

    More like: "Hello Sir, My Name is Mubugamo Kavulu and I am from Nigeria. I would like to Propose a bussness propositun to You. A crown Prince here just died leaving $57 million in Amazon.com Gift Certificates. if you Will help me, I would be willing to give you 40% of This Moneys. Please...
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    Any Honda S2000 owners?

    :eek: Wow. You aren't kidding. I always tell people that this car is fine for taller folks (I'm 6'3") but 6'7" is out of control heheh. BTW, I have friends that are of a similar height to me who love riding in my passenger seat. There is just a ton of leg room due to the low position of...
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    Any Honda S2000 owners?

    Just found this thread! I looooooove my S2000:
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    Six Flags Commercials

    I'm with you 100%, man. I hate the song, I hate the old guy, I hate everything about it. It makes me want to enter a sensory-deprivation tank for the sake of my sanity.
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    Our bird flew the coop- literally.

    Ah, okay, so your bird's IS a Seinfeld reference as well. Cool!
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    Our bird flew the coop- literally.

    Heheh...thanks! It was my fiance's idea, actually she bought the bird to start with, but we are both very much bonded with it now. What was the inspiration for your bird's name?
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    Our bird flew the coop- literally.

    Man, good for you! I have a Quaker parrot and I would just be devistated if he somehow got out and flew away. I try to keep his little wings trimmed often though so that won't happen! EDIT: I just had to laugh...your bird's name is Mr. Kramer. We named our bird Cosmo Quaker as a takeoff on...
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    Dawson's Creek - Season 3... when?

    Hahahahah...that cover art is VERY odd. Maybe they did a drastic re-edit of this season to make it more appealing to the male demographic. :wink:
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    Why is DONNIE DARKO so popular? (includes DIRECTOR's CUT disc.)

    Excellent, excellent news...I am very excited about this.
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    The younger generation...is there any hope

    I'm 110% in agreement with you, Mike. I never understand these topics or discussions about "there's no good music anymore," it's just bollocks. I pretty much NEVER listen to the radio or watch MTV and I always have a list a mile long of music I wish I could afford to buy. There is some...
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    "Get the outta there!" and other DVD bonus material inanitites

    Whoa. Note to self: Steven Spielberg posts on the internet under the alias "Ernest Rister"! :wink:
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    WTB: Older video games

    I am very interested in playing games on older systems, and I am looking for more to add to my collection. I usually prefer that games are in good shape with a box and instruction manual if possible. Anyway, I have the following older systems: Gameboy/Gameboy Color Nintendo Super Nintendo...