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    Unreal 2 Impressions?

    It's been out on the pc forever, you can get a pc demo at epic's site. I can't imagine it would be too fun on the xbox, the only thing that was good about it was the eye candy, which I would imagine is somewhat diminished. And maybe that sniping part at the end.
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    Mario & Luigi The Superstar Saga

    It's a good little game. If it could have been longer while still keeping the same pacing it would have been better, also if there had been more sidequests. But I think it was probably worth my money. I'm just sad there's not much replay value.
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    Mario & Luigi The Superstar Saga

    I beat it in 2 days, I think I took about 16 hours or something. It was fun, but I don't think there's any replay value, and it certainly wasn't challenging. In fact, I don't recall dying, except for maybe on the last boss.
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    Halo question

    There is definitely a wallhack and I've seen some 'trainer' (read: cheating) program out there, not sure if it works in multiplayer though. The little I played of the demo I was pretty good at it, it's just hard to find a non-laggy server based on the ping. The ping seems completely unrelated...
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    NAD 7X3 Series Appearance

    I had a 770, I would say my 763 is pretty much the same style-wise. My power key is still green.
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    Liquid cooled cases

    If you have a relatively cool running system, a large radiator, and a pump with a high flow rate you can get away with using no fans (if you're only cooling the cpu).
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    If you were to build a "Digital Media Server", what would you use?

    If you're going to have that much space I would also definitely suggest a raid controller. Even if you're not familiar with Linux and you're interested in it, something simple like this would be a good project to learn it on.
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    How this for a MB/CPU/RAM combo?

    If you think it's spiraling out of control, look at the price for the P4 extreme editions... that's out of control.
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    Mario Kart : Double Dash Discussion

    I thought it was pretty easy. When I was still learning the ropes I had a friend handling the gunnery/weight shifting duties, and by the time I started playing on my own I had no difficulty playing through all cup tour in mirror mode. I dunno if you want any strategy advice, but I find the...
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    How this for a MB/CPU/RAM combo?

    Corsair makes good ram. I've had a couple of abit boards, but never that one in particular, so I can't give you any real advice on that. Where are you getting this all from? I looked on newegg and the difference between a 2.4c and a 2.8c was $40. Since I'm generally not personally paying for...
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    How this for a MB/CPU/RAM combo?

    I had a CUSL2-C, classic board, really. It was in my girlfriend's computer until two months ago when I chucked the guts of the old machine, now it's got a Gigabyte 7NNXP. Anyway, sounds like a good setup. I would get the 2.8ghz for the extra $40, though.
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    A little help regarding my system please

    Either in the game's graphics menu or somewhere in control paneldisplaysettingsadvanced. You may also want to make sure your drivers are up to date. Or are you playing on the internet, by chance?
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    Has anyone worked with non-on-board IDE arrays?

    I'll second that vote for 3ware. They've got sata raid cards now, wish they had those when I was buying a raid card. Though I'm probably going to build a new server in the not too distant future... You also might want to look into that new netcell thing that Tom's has done a couple of...