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    Wrap up and 'winners' of E3...

    ...and when a system's lineup is mostly sequels and re-hashes of existing series (guilty as charged Sony and Nintendo) it's disappointing as well. All in all, there wasn't a *whole* lot of excitement generated by this year's E3 for me. But it's just my personal taste in games. Pissing...
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    The great (and unofficial) E3 rant thread

    I must say on the Rare/MS side, I was at first disheartened to hear very little on Perfect Dark, but I must say, the trailer that Rare has on their website for "Grabbed By the Ghoulies" (http://www.rare.co.uk/games/upcoming...ies_movie.html) just OOZES with charm. I'm really looking forward to...
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    DJ Turntables

    Re: scratchability of the CD decks--I never claimed it was purely like vinyl--but it is quite awfully close w/ the advent of the CDJ1000s/800s. Zero latency, immediate response, ability to specify pressure sensitivity on the platters--you're good to go for anything from simple baby scratches to...
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    DJ Turntables

    Well, regarding needing two decks / audio sources--it all boils down to what you're trying to achieve. If you're interested in making some remixes here and there and maybe doing production work on your own music along with it, sure, you could go part software route. (Though the last time I took...
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    DJ Turntables

    Jerome-- You may want to check out the Pionner CDJ800s and CDJ1000s if you're interested in adding a CD based deck to the mix. Both are very friendly to vinyl DJs in that you can essentially perform any kind of scratch or spin on them that you can with vinyl-- much like the 1200s are the...
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    Few DVDs for Sale

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    DJ Turntables

    1200s are pretty ubiqitous as the decks of choice for most serious DJs. Their reputation for quality makes them the de facto standard--many DJs cut their teeth on 1200s since many nightclubs and bars would have 1200s as part of their set of equipment that a DJ would have to use--so familiarity...
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    *** Official "BETTER LUCK TOMORROW" Discussion Thread

    It's interesting to note that Justin Lin grew up in suburban Orange County--and that at one point, in 1992 roughly while Lin would have been a college student / young adult, there was an incident in which four Asian highschoolers, mostly all honors students, turned on a fifth and bludgeoned him...
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    Is Malata any good?

    I have a Malata N996 at home and amongst the options in its menu system is whether your video signal should be output in PAL or NTSC--so if you have equipment that can handle the native PAL signal, you should be good to go. Quality wise, I am very satisfied with my Malata. It's been stable...
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    Hero Review

    Thought I'd throw my hat into the ring as far as reviews is concerned as well-- http://www.livejournal.com/community...65.html#cutid1 (Review reflects the R3 Edko release)
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    Trading Post : Animal Crossing

    Jeremey Are there any specific items in the Citrus series that you are looking for? I'd be VERY interested in picking up the modern end table from you. :) It's one of 3 pieces I'm missing to complete the set... Let me know what you're looking for and I'll scour my catalog for it. I also...
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    Tekki (Steel Batallion) import impressions....

    dammit...I had been on the fence for a long while on this game, then started to lean toward not getting it due to issues w/ space, replayability, price... but DAMN, now after reading this I'm gonna just HAVE to get this now. :D An online capable sequel would be so ridiculously over the top :)
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    What are the best foreign (non-English OSL) films?

    Steve-- Ahh, you're right. I'd heard the news so far back ago that I'd completely forgotten Dreamworks' involvement. Though I agree with you that the release onto DVD of the original version of the film wouldn't deeply impact the theatrical release of an American version, Dreamworks has...