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    Sony A90J 2021 OLED buyers and owners thread

    Are you the guy that have a youtube channel? I am a big fan. Most people recommend the Sony over the LG. I will get it next Monday. My Panasonic plasma is now going in my bedroom.
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    Sony A90J 2021 OLED buyers and owners thread

    I just bought the Sony A80J. I had to buy it online because Best Buy and Amazon jack the price up from 1699 to 2499. I found out later that was the 2021 model is that price at Best Buy but I have not ideal why Amazon raised it 's price I got it from all place Wal mart
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    What was your very first movie on physical media purchase?

    The first VHS movie was X-Men. I cannot remember the first DVD or Blu-Ray. The first 4K was Star Wars
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    Sony A90J 2021 OLED buyers and owners thread

    That is why I am on this thread. I am about to go and buy a OLED today. I am trying to decide whether to buy the Sony or the LG
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    Time to replace Pioneer SD-533HD5 RPTV?

    Pretty much anything can out do a rear projection TV. I have a Panasonic plasma that come close to a OLED but not as bright and the OLED colors are way better. The blacks are deep but a OLED can almost out preform any TV out there. I love my plasma but I am going out today to get a OLED to add...
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    Am I getting Dolby Atmos?

    Ok. I am having the same problem with my Yamaha 3070 which does not show any thing I am playing. I press auto button and it just say surround
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    How do you explain your love of physical media in an era of streaming?

    To be honest I am older and though I do stream I find that DVD are better. I bought angels had fallen and saw it in blu ray. Next night I found it on Netflick and I could see and hear the difference. I also saw air force one the same way and on DVD the sound was better
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    Besides movies what are your other hobbies?

    I read comic books. Have a huge collection. Also excerse since I am in my 60's I also use to play several instruments. I also go to the movies that way I can compare my home theater to how it sounds in the movies, Most times my home theater sounds better
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    General Discussion Streaming Frustrations

    Hook up to HDMI for fire stick in a yamaha 3070. HBO max is hook up by opitical cable to my comcast box but it is thru my receiver
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    Besides movies what are your other hobbies?

    I collect comic books though not like I use to. Been doing it since I was 9(yes I have the first XMen, Avengers, Iron man, Fantastic 4, and Static) I also collect albums and CD since I have a nice system. I read a lot since I am retired a year. I also love astronomy and bought myself a...
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    Why I Own So Many Movies.

    I had about 240 DVD until I moved. Now I have about 100 since I moved and left some of my stuff alt my old place. my blu ray collection is growing again and in 4 month have about 100. I always found with a physical collection I can watch the movie anytime I want
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Years ago. The Bionic Woman the second version. And Knight Rider the second version. Some of the shows mention I can see streaming
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    General Discussion Streaming Frustrations

    My FireStick does 5.1 for certain channels Disney Plus, Amazon Prime. Also Netflick which my TV and Comcast cable does. Any other is very bad stereo. Comcast cable does it very well and I only have it hooked up to a toslink. HBO Max is the issue. 5.1 is spotted sometimes just stereo. Now the...
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    SVS PB-1000 Pro Review

    I have the SB 1000 and boy does it go down low.I listen to Battle LA and it took everything the movie threw at it. The couch rocked