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    International Roadshow Sweet Charity from Indicator

    I wouldn't be in a big rush. I saw both the original roadshow and the cut down general release version. Some songs were gone like "Personal Property". The phone call Charity makes at the end was gone and a lot of the songs were trimmed. For example, at least one complete dance was missing from...
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    Pre-Order Warner Archive Press Release: Strike Up The Band (1940) (Blu-ray)

    I agree GIRL CRAZY is the better film, but judging from the DVD it is also the film that would need the most work as some parts are in fairly rough shape. They might not be able to find the materials they need to bring it up to the Warners Archive standards.
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Romance on the High Seas (1948) (Blu-ray)

    Glad to see Warners releasing another musical - especially one filmed in 3 strip technicolour - but Pajama Game is still higher on my list!
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Show Boat (1936) - in Blu-ray

    The DVD of the '51 Show Boat is also pretty grim - much worse than other MGM titles like TIL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY, ROYAL WEDDING, GOOD NEWS, ETC. I think the problem is there might be some registration problems and we know they are expensive to fix. At least that is my understanding.
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    Press Release Lionsgate Press Release: Bombshell (Blu-ray)

    I quite enjoyed this movie. Not sure why it didn't do so well at the box office. Great cast, well acted, some clever directorial touches. What is it people don't seem to like about it?
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    Press Release TCFHE Press Release: JoJo Rabbit (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    I really, really liked it - especially the first hour.Totally unique and original...but a very offbeat sense of dark humour.
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    Press Release Warner and Universal to Merge Domestic Disc Business

    Well, I know a 4K restoration of THROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE was screened recently (or is upcoming). KINO did SWEET I can dream!
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    1917 (2019)

    I saw it in IMAX. Liked the movie a lot...didn't "blow" me away. A few too many coincidences and clichés for my liking. The lead actor was very good. Don't wont to say much else to spoil it for others.
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    Cats (2019)

    Sorry to read all this. I am one of those people who actually loves musicals and it looks like with this kind of reaction the movie will die a death at the box office....and people will say it is partially because it is a musical and not just because it is not a great film. IN THE HEIGHTS and...
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    Cats (2019)

    Well, this is a movie, with the horrid reaction the first trailer received, that needs all the help it can get to recoup its costs. The fact that we have not seen a review yet means the studio put an embargo on them as close to the release as possible. I was hoping against hope, by some miracle...
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    Survivor: Season 39: Island of the Idols

    It must have been enough of an incident that they kicked him off the show. I am sure there was a whole lot of discussion with lawyers before they took the step because now the man's name is basically mud - especially in Hollywood - not to mention his wife and kids. CBS would be crazy to take...
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    The Two Popes (2019)

    Title: The Two Popes (2019) Genre: Drama Director: Fernando Meirelles Release: 2019-11-27 Runtime: 125 Plot: Frustrated with the direction of the church, Cardinal Bergoglio requests permission to retire in 2012 from Pope Benedict. Instead, facing scandal and self-doubt, the...
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    Dark Waters (2019)

    Steve Jaros - you are the second person to recommend this movie. Might have to check it out now. I think the studio has done a terrible job of promoting it.
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    Marriage Story (2019)

    I think that is the point of the movie. I have seen many couples say the split is going to be "amicable" and then money or kids becomes issues and the venom starts to fly. Two nice, decent people, but divorce can turn you into a totally different creature. The movie reflects reality.
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    Marriage Story (2019)

    Agree with Jeff Adkins. Saw this today at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto. Excellent movie and both leads were fantastic. I know people who have gone through divorce, including my parents, and I totally got how the situation kept escalating and the emotional games you play with each other - often...