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    Rock Band 2

    I'm online as Going Top Shelf and I can actually sing at the expert level and hold my own (at least I could with RB1) so I'd be glad to join in on vocals. I can easily beat every song on drums on Medium (but not even close on hard) and can beat every song on Hard and most on expert with guitar...
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    A few question re: Burnout Revenge and PGR3 for the 360

    I cannot answer your BMW question as I haven't bought any cars for that game through the marketplace. Sorry!
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    A few question re: Burnout Revenge and PGR3 for the 360

    Well, it's been MONTHS since I played PGR 3. But here is how to import your own songs for Burnout Revenge. On the regular XBox for Burnout 3 you would have to go into EA Trax and tell the game you wanted to input a custom soundtrack (which you would have burned on your hard drive). For Burnout...
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    Home Theater and Gaming: The XBox 360 brings it all together

    I'm so jealous. I pre-ordered on 6/18 and my local EB still has no idea when I'll get my hands on one. Did you guys all camp out 15 hours or something the day prior? I just don't have the time for that unfortunately.
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    McIntosh or Anthem

    Depends on your speakers. I have rather laid back speakers and my Anthem AVM-20 is a great match to them (ACI Sapphires). Also, Anthem is the be all, end all, of customer service. They will not let you down in terms of upgrades, software downloads, you name it. I've had my Anthem for 5 years now...
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    From what I have heard they are ALL going to be in BOTH 720P and 1080i for TV's that cannot natively accept 720p, like mine can't. See this thread for more details (I hate to link to another website, but this has already been discussed....)...
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    HELP !! What are your favorite romantic songs?

    "One Hundred Ways" by James Ingram. Lyrics are total romance...no way to deny it.
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    Got to see Xbox360 today at Digital Life

    I keep hearing amazing things about Kameo. Currently I have Perfect Dark Zero and Condemned as my two launch pre-orders, but I may switch PDZ over to Kameo, especially if it gets delayed as is rumored.
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    Burnout Revenge (Xbox, PS2) and Burnout Legends (PSP)

    I agree. But even getting to level 6, you are only 16% complete with the game. If I remember correctly, Burnout 3 didn't get really difficult until I got to the 60% complete stages. I'm anticipating the difficulty to get notched up a bit going forward. I was a huge B3 addict, put in about 170...
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    *** Official THE WEDDING CRASHERS Review Thread

    Too Long? Yes. Disjointed at times? Yes Rough start and overly sappy ending? Yes. One of the funniest movies I've seen in years? Without a doubt. I enjoyed Dodgeball, Something about Mary and Anchorman. This is in the same type of slapstick genre, but "Wedding Crashers" is the only one...
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    How much money should we save?

    If you think this is true, I suggest you read "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell.
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    How much money should we save?

    No, the "balanced portfolio" mantra infers that bonds are a great diversifier in a balanced portfolio as they have historically a low corrolation to equity movements. Bonds themselves are NOT a riskless option, but used in a portfolio with equities, they can enhance a portfolio return given...
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    How much money should we save?

    But you do realize that if you invest in an index fund of either one of these stock indexes, your portfolio will experience the same winners and removal of losers throughout time as well? As each index gets reconstituted, so will your portfolio and you will receive the same return as the index...
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    How much money should we save?

    You are the exception, not the rule. I have ZERO debt right now except for my mortgage and I can guarantee you that I couldn't live in retirement at half my salary. Not with the rising costs of healthcare, which is the largest expense for retirees. You may be able to live on 30-40% of your...
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    How much money should we save?

    What market proxy are you using to say this? The S&P 500 returned 10.85% on an annualized basis from 1/1/50 through 12/31/79 so if you think that over a 10% annual return is "flat performance", I'd like to meet YOUR financial planner.