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    Question on the so-called "warmth" of newer vinyl...

    From what I've heard, an all digital recording can still sound flat and sterile on lp. From what I've heard, several of Rush's 80's lp suffer from this.
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    umgd = Universal Music Group Distributing (just a guess)
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    Rush Concerts on DVD coming in 2002

    I think ESL was shot on video, not film, so that's why it looks so bad. I'm not sure about GUP. ASOH was filmed, I think. It should look good in high-def.
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    Van Halen: Here we go again! (tour on again!)

    Mike played NO bass on VHIII, Eddie played it all. Mike also did no BGVs on VHIII. Eddie also played drums on several tracks. It's basically an EVH solo album. Mike will be sorely missed (although I won't miss his cheesy bass "solo").
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    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    Aaron, try using DVD Audio Extractor. It seems to be able to extract 24/96 files. It is fully functional for 30 days. It's much easier than the method I've been using.
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    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    A couple of freeware utilities that are out. PM me and I'll send you the names.
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    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    I pulled the 24/96 files off the disc. I had a lot more trouble with this disc than I did the Porcupine Tree dvd-audio discs I own. The files are just as compressed as the cd. Some folks over at hoffman's site claim the lp sounds less compressed. I've already bought this album twice. I just...
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    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    Pulling 16 bit audio off of a dvd video is pretty easy. There are several free programs out that can do that. To pull off 24 bit audio, it's a bit trickier. You have to demux the pcm from the vob files as a raw file. You then have to switch the bytes around to get a correct wav file. It can be...
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    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    Wow, Scott. I never dreamed wally world would have the MVI. I did see the Linkin Park MVI, so I guess wonders never cease.
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    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    Over at hoffman's site, someone said the multi-channel mix was extremely loud. Anyone else notice this?
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    If you could only put one (1) BEATLES song on your iPod, which would it be?

    Since I'm the only person on the planet that isn't a beatles fan, I wouldn't put any of their songs on there. Now the Ruttles, that would be hard to choose...
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    Albums that you'd like to be covered in the "Classic Albums" DVD Series

    Toy Matinee - Toy Matinee The story of how this band came together and then came unraveled would be interesting.
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    Any Joe Bonamassa Fans ?

    I found one of his "So It's Like That..." cds in this huge bin of cds at WalMart for a dollar. I had heard of him, so I took a chance. It's a good cd. I'd like to get more of his stuff. I was disappointed to find out that the cd came with a live dvd in the retail versions. I was bummed, but I...
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    Albums that you'd like to be covered in the "Classic Albums" DVD Series

    Van Halen: 1984 To hear about the crazy drugs/drinking and the leaving/firing of DLR. To hear how Eddie recorded "Top Jimmy" with a guitar that could have each string panned L/R in the stereo spectrum (created by Steve Ripley). To hear about how "Hot For Teacher" was recorded, from the Harley...
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    Any new Classic Albums DVDs coming soon?

    Yes, I saw the dvd for "Hysteria" and it had some dvd sampler with it. Last night I was there and saw the U2 dvd, as well as the one for "Who's Next".