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    Win a copy of McLintock!

    I'd have to say Rio Bravo. The relationships between the Duke and the supporting players makes that movie as good as it is. Dean Martin is a great sidekick, Ricky Nelson coming in as the newbie gunman, Angie Dickinson sexing the place up, and old reliable Walter Brennan grumping the whole...
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    Exclusive First Look: Twilight Time May/June 2014 Releases

    I just recieved an email that my copy of Two Rode Together has shipped! This is my first buy from Twilight Time, and one of the last Ford westerns I need. :)
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    Subscriptions Are Back!

    Are previous subscriptions (before transition) not included in the new Content I Follow? All I'm getting is this thread and the "We're Back" thread. Did I need to click a certain setting or something? Edit: Nevermind, I used the "Content I Follow" inside the My Profile tab. I think I need a nap!
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    Subscriptions Are Back!

    Excellent! Thanks.
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    Known Issues With The Migration

    Good. The subscriptions page was my bookmark for HTF and I miss it. LOL! Otherwise it looks very good. :)
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    Big Lots Sale

    I haven't had much luck at BL in a while. Same stuff today as usual except I found Last Man Standing lurking in the back of a display.
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    Big Lots Sale

    Anyone else have a big pile of Bond movies at their BL? The one I frequent has the Ultimate/Special Editions all mixed together.
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    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    I don't have much of a response other than .
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    I finally picked this DVD up and after reading this whole thread skipped right over the 2005 version and went straight to the Preview version. I wouldn't classify it as being as good as The Wild Bunch, but it's up there close to it.
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    Big Lots Sale

    What's with the slashed UPCs at Big Lots? My copy of Grand Hotel has one, does anyone know why?
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    MGM MOD: Fox Bows On Demand MGM Movies for Retailers

    Body Slam, maybe the second greatest wrestling movie after The Wrestler? LOL Can't wait!
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    "ON TRIAL: LEE HARVEY OSWALD" -- A Personal Review

    I've been complaining about that for years and I've never gotten an answer other than "they killed them all." The nonsense just goes around in a ever expanding circle. *sigh* I wish to add my insulting opinion, based on three bios of JFK I've read, that for a Pres. who did nothing much...
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    Jerry Beck on Stu's Show: Tommorrow at 4

    Interesting. I don't have either disc so I have to rely on Amazon for my info. It says "Standard Version" on both and Daffy has the "...intended for the Adult Collector..." nonsense on it. Bugs: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/91xdpJeFdxL._AA1500_.jpg Daffy...