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    How do you overcome public speaking?

    The best way is to get in front of people and just do it. Back in the day I belonged to Toastmasters, which is an excellent organization that provides you opportunities to improve your public speaking. I highly recommend this organization, especially to college students who want to improve...
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    FS: 1 Tributaries Direct Subwoofer Y (3m)

    For Sale: 1 Tributaries Direct Subwoofer Y cable, 3 meters (9.8 feet). Excellent condition. This cable has a single RCA connector at one end and a sturdy built-in Y-connector at the subwoofer end, so you won't need a Y-connector with it. MSRP $55, I offer it for $30 shipped to your door...
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    FS: 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/40 v2, Studio/20 v2

    Tim, Thanks for your interest. Not sold yet. I've actually been looking at what it would cost to ship and I'm considering opening up that possibility. It would be nice to find a local buyer but I may start seriously looking at shipping. So DFW speaker buyers speak now or forever hold...
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    FS: 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/40 v2, Studio/20 v2

    Thanks for the comments Rob, and you are right, this is a great price on these speakers. I took some shots of the 20s, at the following URL: http://dustin.davis.name/studio20/ Note the imperfections, which are hardly visible at all even at close distance with a bright light. The Studio 40s...
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    FS: 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/40 v2, Studio/20 v2

    For sale: 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/40 v2 speakers, pristine condition Black ash with real wood side panels $450 negotiable 1 pair Paradigm Reference Studio/20 v2 speakers, great condition (minor scuff on rear of one speaker, not even visible from more than 2 feet away)...
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    Moving to Plano

    Try Pastazio's in Addison. It's a bit southwest for you, but worth the trip.
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    For $%@(* sakes, I have diabetes.

    My Paw-Paw lived to 83 with diabetes. It's a bummer but try to remember you can control it and you can live a full life with it.
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    B&K Seperates

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    cooking meat in the oven - always dries out!

    I've had good success with oven bags. You should be able to get them at the grocery. Really seals in the juices.
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    i'd like to find a GOOD mechanical pencil

    If you are a fine-lead person, this Koh-i-noor pencil will smoke any of the aforementioned. I owned one for years and have missed it ever since I lost it. http://www.buyonlinenow.com/viewprod...3BC&source=ink The metal diamond grip is a masterpiece for long writing sessions, and the .3 mm...