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    Family Guy Season 8

    yes, it was a repeat of the strven king parody.
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    i like it.
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    Tribute to Brunettes

    i wanna know who the girl in the maid's outfit is.
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    Attila the Cat

    i'm sorry for you loss but as long as you hold him in your heart he's not completely gone. rip attila.
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    Home network issues

    are the printers connected to the hub or the other computers? are they set to be shared if on a host computer?
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    UFC Ongoing Thread

    sorry for the mom and dad. this is not good news for quinton either.
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    The WWE™

    i thought it was interesting that vince called hhh "paul" when he was under the sign.
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    Tribute to Brunettes

    no need to apologize for that.
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    How far do you commute?

    about 17 miles each way. about 13 of which is freeway. unfortunately, my swing shift doesn't lend itself to mass transit but i'm thinking about putting the battery tender on the car as i ride my fz1 to work every day.
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    Worst Movies Ever Made?

    meet the spartans
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    Worst Movies Ever Made?

    meet the spartans
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    The WWE™

    i'm sure vince mcman would love it if more people got that vibe. i find kennedy pretty annoying and don't think he's any where near steve austin in audience appeal.
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    UFC Ongoing Thread

    sorry. was referring to: "what may be the greatest finish in MMA history."
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    UFC Ongoing Thread

    wow, and only 10secs into the bout too. crazy.
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    Fry's-Infinity P362's @ $99 each.

    damn, i paid about $350 for a pair last year. i like these speakers especially for that price.