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    How much is title insurance supposed to cost?

    I believe title insurance premiums are state regulated. If you are doing a refi and there is a previous copy of title insurance available you should be entitled to a 50% reduction of the new premium. However on a purchase this credit is not available. $1200 does seem a little high unless you are...
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    I'm in the mood for some grilled Hamburger goodness, share your recipes!

    http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=135848 I hope this helps. Chuck
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    Sagging RPTV

    Update. I called a local sheet metal shop and they can cut a piece of 16-ga metal 59"x20" that will be able to support the 130lbs of equipment without bowing. It will add an additional 25lbs and cost about $42. It may not be the best solution, but it works for a quick fix. Thanks for the...
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    Sagging RPTV

    I wish it were that easy. There is zero space next to the TV, just enough room for the front speakers. I would have at least 10-15' run of cables from the components to the TV (the component video cable would be the most expensive). Not to mention the only place I could put a component rack will...
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    Sagging RPTV

    Due to space constraints that is not an option. The 2 options I see are 1) move the components to a seperate rack. This would be very expensive because I would have to repurchase all new cables. 2) put something under the components like thick glass or a more rigid board. I was just wondering if...
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    Sagging RPTV

    I am concerned that with the additional weight from my new samson amp in addition to my reciever, center channel, dvd player and cable box will cause the top of my 65" Mits to sag. Has anyone else had this problem and what has been done to prevent it (besides not putting stuff up there)...
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    Sour on Sweet!

    Dope! The shiznit!
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    Mitsubishi Promise Module for HD-ready TVs

    I received the same postcard and have the same questions. Is it worth the upgrade over less expensive HD decoder options available? Any input would be helpful.
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    Does anyone offer a 5 year mortgage?

    You may want to look into a 5/1 ARM. The rate stays fixed for 5yrs then becomes variable after that. Those rates are generally lower than your fixed rates. Your payment may be based on a longer term than 5 years, but you would get a rate lower than a conventional fixed.
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    Does anyone offer a 5 year mortgage?

    I can't speak for every lender out there, but where i am at you only get a rate break at 20years and 15years on our conventional mortgages.
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    A funny coincidence with my dad's and aunts' birthdates.

    Me 1/13 Mom 1/13 Dad 1/12 Can't get much closer than that.
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    Think humans will be part of the next mass extinction if there is one?

    10 to 1 AND mass extinction...i like those odds, sign me up:D
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    I swear my dog hates me.

    Do you leave her home alone a lot? Maybe she is just getting old and pissy. Ten years is pretty old for a boxer. Imagine how you'll treat you s/o when you're 70:D .
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    I swear my dog hates me.

    I have a boxer also, that behavior is very uncharacteristic of the breed. Boxers are normally very loyal companions. Have you had her from a pup? Do you walk her/ spend time with her regularly? Mine tends to favor whom ever spends the most time with him that day, Whether it be me or my girlfriend.
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    Re-financing - is this a good enough deal?

    For the most part yes. They need to verify ownership and recorded liens on the property.