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    help: DVD in Black & White?

    I just tried my PS2 and it was B&W even with games. I'm wondering if somehow the TV is converting all 480i & 480p to B&W through component since S-Vid is in color? Is that possible? Does the 360 output 480 for DVD's instead of upconverting to 1080 while games and the menu is in 1080? It's...
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    help: DVD in Black & White?

    From the DVD player to the TV via S-vid works fine, just tested it. I changed component cables as well. The thing I find REALLY weird is the Xbox 360 menu's and even video's from media center work perfectly, but as soon as I play a DVD (even the DVD menu's) it's all B&W. I switched between...
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    help: DVD in Black & White?

    Okay, here's an interesting situation, I'm hoping someone has seen something similar. I have a '99 Toshiba TW57H81 CRT RPTV when I try to view DVD the content is in B&W. I've tried sources from the Toshiba DVD Player, Xbox 360 & PS2. When I view the 360 menu's they're all in color, but as soon...
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    Paramount DVD wants for 2005

    I'm still waiting for Season Sets of: DUCKMAN! :D
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Ella Enchanted (Recommended!)

    I can't find it in Widescreen here either. All the rental stores have it only in full screen as well as all our media sales outlets. I guess if I REALLY want it I'll have to order it online... sigh. Of course, still can't get Flight of the Navigator here either yet :frowning: Chris...
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    DVDs that just.... "Die"

    Has anyone tried re-surfacing the DVDs to see if that corrects the problem?
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    DVDs that just.... "Die"

    Anyone have any DVDs that work fine when you first get them, then soon after they start to pixelate and break up a little into the movie? I have 2 from WB that do that: Empire Records: Fan Edition and Watership Down. There's virtually no markings on them... there's a tiny scratch on Empire...
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    Anyone seen MGM's DVD of Much Ado About Nothing?

    I believe that the SE wasn't released in Canada at all... which is unfortunate. If you want it you'll have to get it from amazon.ca (as an import) or Amazon.com.
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    How to resize text in Internet Explorer

    try holding down the ctrl key on your keyboard, and scrolling with the mouse roller (between the buttons). See if that works.
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    how to replace video card fan and with what??

    Fan's are redily available at computer part stores, just take in your old one and get the same one.. it should come off your card with about 4 screws. Or if you want to get a solution that will allow over clocking, as well as quieter, longer life, you can go for the zalman ZM80C-HP VGA Heatpipe...
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    Paramount - Duckman TV Series?

    Wow! 3116 signatures! This would be so fantastic to have on DVD!
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    Paramount - DVD Requests - part 2

    I second Duckman! Signature 2539 on the petition. Comon Paramount... Please! "Let's blow this pop-psychology stand, and grab ourselves a couple of greasy cheeseburgers"
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    Empire...any reviews?

    I was quite bored by it. Rental at most. Chris.
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    HTF REVIEW: "Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets" (with screenshots)

    It's sad that there was no tribute to Richard Harris since he died shortly after the filming of this movie. And obviously won't be in the next movie. Chris.
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    HTF REVIEW: "jackass the movie" (warning: adult orientated review) (with screenshots)

    I just saw this movie and I think there were literrally 2 skits that made me laugh a bit. I refused to see it at first, but on Ron's review I figured I'd give it a try. Sorry Ron, still not a fan here. Chris.