Capt D McMars

I have worked in many jobs over the years from FM radio DJ to Line Cook, in many bands R&R Blues Funk and Jazz. I've been an Illustrator and Painter of fine art, and exstensive voicover gigs as well over the years.
Jack of many trades Master of some, LOL!! Currently working for my company that I started 20 years ago and still going strong, When you love what you do, it's rarley work.
Jul 26, 1954 (Age: 69)
Real Name
Todd Doc Sigmier
About Me
a movie collector and enthusiast, my interests include mysteries, westerns, adventure, sci-fi, slient films, horror, comedys and drama. I currentlly have a small collection about 2600 DVDs BluRays and some 4K movies...and growing. I'am cinstantly looking for upgraded formats to replace the DVD versions and love to tsalk about the movies and upcoming releases.
Music, Art, Movies, All things Smoked
What I do for a living
Top 5 Favorite Movies
Gunga Din, Godzilla, any Errol Flynn movie, Inaders from Mars1953 version, Casablanca.
Top 5 Favorite Discs
Casablanca, Good Bad and the Ugly, Throne of Blood, Zatoichi series, 12 Angry Med.
designer of tone and sonics for questing slide guitar players.



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