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    Best HTPC for under $2000???

    message deleted. ---oops,should read the OP more carefully---
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    Coke In a Glass Bottle!!

    Bottled soda fans, check this place out.
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    ATTN: Tulsa, OK residents...

    'Penguin statue' thieves baffle police
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    BMWFilms - New movies to be posted in October

    I've pretty much hated every John Woo movie I've ever seen, but I thought this short was very entertaining. If you stretched it to 100 minutes, I'd probably feel different. I tried to get rid of the quicktime "skin" using a program called Full Screen Mov viewer. It worked on the last batch...
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    Anyone annoyed with product placements in films?

    (It would have been cool if she were crushed by the falling debris.) The product placement in Spider-Man was very blatant. The movie seemed like one long commercial for Dr. Pepper, Cingular and Oscorp.
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    Best place to purchase DVD player? RP-82, CP-72, or 4800

    As of 9/15, Amazon.com has the 4800 for $175.04 shipped. You can also get $10 off with the code MAPBABYTALK2. I'm thinking pretty hard about getting in on this deal myself.
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    Monty Python and the Holy Grail: SE - Tosh SD-1600 help needed

    I have a Toshiba 1600, and the MP&tHG disc I bought in March does not exhibit the intermittant subtitle problem. I think one of the burnt-in "Swedish" subtitles from the opening credits is missing in the new version. This may be what is confusing you.
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    A little late... 2001: A Space O.... Questions

    No offense intended, but this sounds like something Heywood Floyd might say. The "advanced alien race" interpretation is logically sound. But it is far from the only one possible. Viewers should not limit themselves to a solely scientific understanding of the film, which is a work of art...
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    Directors Favorite cover versions of songs?

    Australian Doors Show - Stairway to Heaven Gourds - Gin and Juice Blues Brothers - Theme From Rawhide Gipsy Kings - Hotel California Foo Fighters - Down in the Park
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    Can someone answer this NCAA basketball question?

    The seventh team foul of the half, not the fifth, is the "bonus" (one-and-one).
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    Which director would you want to handle your biographic movie?

    Andrew Blake, starring myself of course.
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    Who were your teenage celebrity crushes???

    One of the Landers Sisters. (NOT Ann)
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    HUGE DVD SALE at overstock.com!!!

    Was going to hold off on this deal, but Criterion Spartacus pushed me over the edge (can't get it through Columbia House). Also picked up Chicken Run, Repo Man, Cast Away and Unbreakable for a little over $10 apiece.