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    5.1 Analog Connections

    The most common use is for SACD and DVD-A formats, which is why you'll see them on all players that play there formats, but on far fewer that don't. There are very few other ways to send these formats to a receiver and those (iLink, HDMI) require specific receivers. Historically, analog...
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    American Made Speakers

    Yeah, Meadlowlark doesn't even exist anymore. Curtis, do you have details on Aperion manufacturing? Their old press releases said their factory was in Mexico, but then they stopped saying where it was.
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    QUICK! best headphones under $100?

    This is pretty much the best page for your question: http://www.headphone.com/guide/by-budget/40-80/ Even if you don't buy from them, it's a great quick reference for headphones in your price range.
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    RBH Sound, anyone heard of these guys.

    Well, you could have done a simple web search and you would have found plenty of information that confirms the legitimacy of RBH.
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    RBH Sound, anyone heard of these guys.

    RBH is a well known and respected brand. I've never heard any of their speakers myself.
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    Need help choosing home theater from scratch ~$60K to spend

    $60k and a dedicated room? Room treatments should definitely be in your budget, along with something like an SMS-1 for subwoofer EQ. Putting aside $1-2k for GIK corner traps and panels would probably be a good move ($1k gets you four corner traps and six 2" panels - that large of a room might...
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    How reliable are audiophile websites' reviews?

    While I still disagree with your assessment of their reviews (a proper statistical analysis that includes data we don't have is necessary to demonstrate significant correlation), for the sake of argument lets say there is a correlation between positive reviews and advertizing. Internet...
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    How reliable are audiophile websites' reviews?

    I'm far from an insider, but I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with people in the business. I even count some as friends. Let's take a closer look at the numbers. Going by their index of reviews, this is the list of different receiver models reviewed: Denon AVR-3805 Denon...
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    How reliable are audiophile websites' reviews?

    IMO, this general topic has been beaten to death on forums and in print. Most of the time, the focus is on Stereophile (perhaps because it's the most prominent publication) and the various reasons behind any correlations (I have yet to see a real statistical analysis that demonstrates...
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    Paradigm Reference v4.0 ?

    I would wait until the dealer starts closing out the v3 and get speakers you know you want for a little less $$.
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    How good is the Xbox as a dvd player?

    A regular X-box or the 360? The 360 was checked by the folks at Secrets - http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/cgi-b...deInt=0&mpeg=0
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    Is the TERK HDTVs just a Winegard SquareShooter in disguise?

    Doesn't look like an antenna? It looks like a standard "bowtie" antenna in a plastic case to make it look more like a dish.
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    $5,000.00 speakers and reciever

    Yes, the BFD is for more experienced users in that it requires a good learning curve about what you're trying to do and how to do it. Programs like Room EQ Wizard (free) have dropped the learning curve a lot, but it's not for your typical person. It's for someone who wants to tweak their system...
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    $5,000.00 speakers and reciever

    If you're open to internet-direct options, you could put together a killer package with speakers from AV123, Ascend or Axiom ($1.5k-3k), a sub from SVS, Hsu, AV123 or Axiom ($1k or less) and electronics from Outlaw or AV123 (~$1k). They all make great products (I haven't heard Axioms personally...