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    RXV 2200 Volume Control

    Hi Cathy, I had the exact same problem with the remote for my RXV2200. Actually, 1st it was the volume that wouldn't work and then other buttons stopped working as well like the "changing channels" buttons. There was something wrong with the contacts points. It wasn't fixable and my dealer...
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    Selling something on Ebay, is it easy to do?

    It's easy to use. Just follow the intructions and fill in the blanks. Good luck. bob
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    Where to get a replacement for a Yamaha remote?

    You might find soemthing here: http://www.replacementremotes.com/
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    HTF REVIEW: "jackass the movie" (warning: adult orientated review) (with screenshots)

    Hummm.....i guess i don't get it. This is THE stupidest movie i have ever seen. To each his own. Bob
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    Kodachrome Questions

    Take a look here for some info: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/profe...5/e55.jhtml#01 All you need is a regular 35mm camera. I havn't used this film for a while, but i used to have it developed at any photo developing camera shop. Don't forget that this produces transparencies to be...
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    Remote Code

    Hi Ellen, I did a bit of searching for you on a remote control forum. I couldn't find anything specific for your remote, but it seems like there was some concensus that a code for "General Instrument" may work with you Motorola. From what i read, Motorola is apparently a re-branded General...
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    Basement HT

    You may want to give some more thought about putting the TV in the corner. Placing the TV in the centre of an end wall could facilitate setting up a well calibrated system, both from a sound and vision perspective. Bob
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    Acoustic Research Master Series cables

    I've used AR Masters Series S Video, Optical and Analogue cables with good results. Bob
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    Man Did I Ever "f" Up

    Good luck Louis ! There might be a good movie hidden in your story smewhere ! Bob
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    Suddenly No Audio from Denon 1801

    What are you using ? DVD player ? Have you changed any of the settings on that ? Bob