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    Remo Williams is coming

    MGM released a pan-and-scan version of Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins in 2003, so this will not be the first DVD release of the film. Now that Sony has acquired MGM tiltles, they are rereleasing them. I'm afraid this release will again be pan-and-scan, though I'm hopeful it will be OAR.
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    A Few Words About A few words about... The Mel Brooks Collection

    Is there a breakdown somewhere which lists technical details on each disc in the collection as to the video and audio (mono, stereo or 5.1, etc.)? From what I can glean from various sources, Blazing Saddles is a two-sided disc with a widescreen presentation on one side and full-frame on the...
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    DVD Review HTF Review: King Kong (2005). Very highly recommended

    I felt the film was excessively long and an hour could have been cut from it while still preserving the plot points, expecially since it's the second remake of a film that is familiar to many. I actually got bored with some of the action scenes on Skull Island; they seemed to go on interminably...
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    New release of The Return Of The Pink Panther

    A new widescreen release of The Return Of The Pink Panther is due on January 10th. As fans of the Pink Panther series are aware, the previous release was pretty bad as far as picture and audio quality are concerned. Does anyone have any details on this new release? It is priced as low as...
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    The Great Raid - DVD

    The WS director's cut of the Great Raid is packaged in an Amaray type 2 disc case, which in turn is packaged in a cardboard box along with the book. The front and rear of the box duplicate the cover art on the 2 disc case except that the front has the added words "book inside". There is a lot...
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    The Great Raid - DVD

    The Great Raid 2-disc director's cut WS DVD comes packaged with a paperback version of the book upon which the movie is based. The book is also titled "The Great Raid", written by William B. Breuer and originally published in hardcover in 2002. The book reportedly tells the story with much more...
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    Movies found on laserdisc, that are still not out on DVD...

    The Fourth Protocol Homicide Tap D.C. Cab Electric Dreams Impulse Time Bomb The Keep To Be Or Not To Be (with Mel Brooks & Ann Bancroft)
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    Deer Hunter 2-disc SE in September (MERGED THREAD)

    I was looking forward to a new release of The Deer Hunter on September 6, 2005, hopefully with improved (5.1) audio. Now it appears that except for the fact that the new release is anamorphic, it is identical to the old version. It may be a new transfer but there is no information available to...
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    der untergang DOWNFALL

    My son had seen Downfall and found it riveting and recommended it highly. I had heard it was coming out soon on DVD and decided on a blind buy based on his raving about it. So yesterday afternoon I went to my local Best Buy to pick it up as it was advertised at $16.99. Luckily, there was one...
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    The new double dvd cases. Where to get them?

    Here's another source for DVD cases: https://www.inetdvd.com/store/shopsh...asp?subcat=117
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    Anyone remember the movie, Electric Dreams?

    The re-invigoration of Virginia Madsen's career due to her performance in "Sideways" could have some impetus in releasing some of her previous films on DVD. Although there are many better examples of her acting "chops", why not Electric Dreams?
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    My Star Wars laser disc definitive trilogy arrived today!!!

    I'm quite surprized that so much interest remains concerning Laserdiscs. I had been selling/trading my remaining laserdiscs at a local store (Laser Blazer in Los Angeles) since I started collecting DVDs, although I haven't sold or traded any lately. They pay very little for them but I didn't...
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    The Keep DVD

    Is there any word of a reschedule date for The Keep DVD? It was scheduled for November 30, 2004 (today).
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    Shrek 2 - where are the reviews?

    Although I had not seen Shrek 2 during its theatrical run, I purchased it (at Best Buy for $15.99) based on the very entertaining and clever original, which was the only animated DVD I own. Although the first film had a more conventional story line, Shrek 2 is much funnier and had more...
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    What happened to these planned DVD releases?

    Glenn; I am looking for new releases of the titles listed. For instance there was mention of a "5-star edition of True Lies planned by Fox as well as a special edition of Romancing the Stone. Also, I understand a new edition of A Bridge Too Far was released in GB. The audio level on my...