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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles - in Blu-ray

    Matt, Do you mean Showtime HD? I saw it on Showtime recently - don't remember seeing it on HBO's schedule. Anyway, I thought it looked pretty good too. I've seen several complaints already regarding softness on other forums, but I suspect this is indeed due to the style of the film...
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    LOTR on Blu-Ray: would you buy the theatrical or wait for Extended Edition?

    I will without a doubt wait for the EE's. I have not touched my TE's since each respective EE came out. Those simply are the films to me now. I keep the TE's mostly for nostalgia purposes and the few extras that aren't on the EE's or LE's.
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    Battlestar Galactic: Season One HD DVD Packaging Woes

    Count me as another with significant scratches on multiple discs in this set. I have to echo Paul's sentiments on quality control. I fully expect my Lost S3 season to arrive in excellent condition with no marked up discs or crappy packaging. There's no reason why this couldn't have been...
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    New Kubrick SE's

    Just in case it's still not clear, I can confirm that the new Barry Lyndon is definitely NOT anamorphic. In fact is identical to the 2001 version. It has the 2001 menu, and all the files on the disc are dated 2001. Disappointing to say the least. I guess I'll soothe my sorrow with my 5...
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    HD DVD Gets Microsoft HDi Boost...

    Mr. Collins is making the assumption that all HD adopters care about online interactivity. I really don't care about it. My player is not permanently connected to the web, and never will be. I understand the need to play to the format's strengths, but I don't think anyone is standing in...
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    Darren Aronofsky's sci-fi epic "The Fountain" set to go

    Finally got to see this after making the mistake of missing it in theaters. Picked up the Blu-Ray myself. It's films like this that keep me from giving up on new films. Absolutely stunning. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I went in with no preconceptions and gave myself...
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    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    I just heard parts of another leaked song. It's going to be hard but like Porcupine Tree's new one I want to wait and hear it all at once.
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    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    Rock and Roll Cafe was before my time with them, but we lived right around the corner. My first gig with them was the Vampyre's Ball thing they did at The Bank. We played Downtime/Batcave more than any other place. Unfortunately, since my last post, I've come to find my bass parts have been...
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    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    LOL, the singer HATES that this is frequently the commentary he receives. Kind of a sore subject. But yes, they are still around, at least as a recording project. I was their bass player from 1997-1998 for recording and live shows, and I recorded the bass tracks for the last record, which...
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    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    Wow really surprised at this comment (sound-wise). Now, songs like "Lines In The Sand" and "Trial Of Tears" sound great, but it's obvious "You Not Me" was mixed differently somehow, as that song just sounds terrible IMO. I think the liner notes even suggest recording was done in multiple...
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    New Porcupine Tree album discussion

    I got my Ltd. Ed. from Amazon, but I ordered in on March 24th. I remember it showing as unavailble not too long after that. On another note, I bought the regular edition before my LE showed up, and I found the level to be quite a bit lower than that of Deadwing or In Absentia. Anyone else...
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    Blu-ray Disc Coating

    I agree too. I had two floaters in my Planet Earth Blu-Ray set from Amazon, and no marks were to be found.
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    Walmart HD-DVD Impact

    Man, I REALLY don't want Wal-mart involved with either format this early. They will definitely screw with the quality of the format. Wal-mart Customer: "I just spent $1500 on a widescreen HDTV and an HD-DVD player, and I'm STILL seeing black bars on King Kong! I want my money back!!!" You...
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    Anyone Else Finding SD-DVD lacking after life with HD DVD/Blu-ray?

    Between newly purchased and rented Blu-Ray's and HD-DVD's, and significant HD content from my cable provider (including all 6 SW films saved on my DVR in 1080!), I find I haven't watched much non-TV DVD in a while. Not say I never will again, but I'm still trying to get through all the HD...
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    Anyone Else Looking Forward to The Queen on Blu Ray?

    I lthought it was really good in the theater, but I'm not sure I need to see it again. Maybe I'll grab the BD during a sale.