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    Anyone know anything about web conferencing?

    Check out; http://www.webex.com or http://www.gotomeeting.com I've used both in the past/currently and both will do what you're asking for. WebEx does have one time meetings (pay as you go), I believe GoToMeeting does as well, both will be FAR-FAR cheaper than $32k.
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    Gambian president claims he has a cure for AIDS

    How do a HUGE number of those people know they are infected? Once infected, how many more people have they infected until they realize they are sick, what caused it, and how it is transfered to other people? How do you break the teachings of many previous years, an outsider coming and saying...
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    Have no Health Insurance - Is Blue Cross/Blue Shield the way to go?

    This is the most important part, but you also need to add that it varies widely by many other factors as well. The difference in insurance between a 20yr old and a 40yr old is HUGE, the difference between a smoker and a non smoker is pretty decent, if you have just about any kind of health issue...
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    Have no Health Insurance - Is Blue Cross/Blue Shield the way to go?

    Keep in mind that the rule/law is that a hospital can't just let you die in the emergency room if you have no ability to pay. But in the cases of some long term illness's and the like you may not (and likely won't) have access to the best healthcare you normally would. As far as not paying...
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    Has anyone ever been to a presidential library?

    All Presidents regardless of past military service are eligible for burial in Arlington. Here is the list from their website; Eligibility for Interment (Ground Burial) The persons specified below are eligible for ground burial in Arlington National Cemetery. The last period of active duty...
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    Car buying question: Must I use dealer financing on a Advertised car (newspaper ad)

    You should still figure out the costs, the difference between a 4.9 and even 6.9 rate on a $30k car for 5years is only about $1500, which is a decent chunk of change, but not the end of the world either. Some banks change the rate based on a re-fi vs new car purchase (even 1 day after you...
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    The Amazing Race 11: All-Stars

    I'm a bit undecided about an 'all-stars', I think it would work out a bit better than the Survivor version, just from the way the two games are played, with Survivor being much more of a social engineering game relying on the other contestants. With the right cast of previous players it could...
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    Is the “Middle Class” disappearing in America?

    The tax payer rarely has to pay anything on a corporate bail-out, all a "bail out" does is guarantee a loan which is then made by a private bank to a company. If that company fails and the bank isn't able to recover enough assets to cover the loan then the government comes in and pays the note.
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    Is the “Middle Class” disappearing in America?

    I doubt they are fully funded, however they are almost certainly insured. Which still means a lower benefit payout in a lot of cases (but also means they aren't out to dry with nothing if the company goes bust). You mean the very few companies that you have heard about have comp packages that...
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    Is the “Middle Class” disappearing in America?

    I wonder what the percentage is in a truly impovershed nation such as those in sub-saharan Africa? How about rapidly developing economies such as China or India? How about established "1st world" nations like most of Western Europe or Japan, etc. As for the original subject, the last numbers...
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    Is the “Middle Class” disappearing in America?

    What would your feelings be if you didn't have anything with no prospects for improvements? How about if you didn't have enough gas money to bring your baby home, let alone feed it and wrap diapers around him/her? Would you still be on that high?
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    The Amazing Race 10

    There are lots of "obligitory" teams, the gay duo, the two women team, the eye candy team, the jock team, the model team, the "I've never been outside of my house" team, etc, etc.
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    Dell to use AMD processors in desktops

    Intel really hit one out of the park with them, amazing performance, lower power requirements (less heat), etc. And sooner or later AMD is going to fire back, so it looks like we'll soon be back to the rapid pace of processor's as we were for such a long time. Of course the downside is that...
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    Dell to use AMD processors in desktops

    Always a good thing.
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    Dell to use AMD processors in desktops

    You realize the latest Intel processors offer A LOT more speed for the dollar than AMD, hence the latest price crash of AMD stuff.