For those who collect B sci-fi from the era, The Cyclops is a necessity. 4 Stars

Warner Archive has, once again, dug into their Allied Artists library for another genre favorite, Bert Gordon’s 1957, The Cyclops.

Although it stars James Craig and Gloria Talbott* , the film features a fan favorite —

Lon Chaney, Jr., here being billed simply as Lon Chaney.

The film was shot in economical black & white by Ira Morgan, whose career went back to the teens.

But there’s an interesting confluence of events here, as Mr. Morgan also photographed Tell it to the Marines, in 1926, while on staff at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Another gorgeous Warner Archive release, with accurate grain structure along with proper black levels and shadow detail.

For those who collect B sci-fi from the era, The Cyclops is a necessity.

This is the original theatrical version of the film, running 66 minutes, as opposed to the TV cut with padding.

* who was related to Larry, although her side of the family used the original British spelling of Talbott. The second T was apparently dropped in honor of an unfortunate disagreement with a British king in the 1500s.

Image – 5

Audio – 5

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from DVD – Yes


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I plan to get this, but I never knew that there was TV padding at some point. Anyone know what it was ?

Also, I think "Man Made Monster" in 1941 was about the last time Lon Chaney was billed as Jr. He was just Lon Chaney at the end of 1941 when he was bitten by Bela the Gypsy.
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May 6, 2015
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Funny how "The Cyclops" and "Tucker" were released so closely to each other.:rolleyes:
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Detour (1945)

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I pre-ordered this on Blu, from Amazon Canada, for $20.99. After its release, they cancelled my order with the reason being they couldn't get it.

Next thing I know, third party sellers from the U.S. have it listed for $30 and up, plus shipping.

So I ordered the DVD version, the new DVD version released at the same time as the Blu, for only $17 plus $3 shipping.

I've never seen it, but figure it's not worth the extra $15 for a bare bones release just to get Blu.