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Which 2001 films should get Oscars?

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#1 of 38 OFFLINE   Morgan Jolley

Morgan Jolley

    Lead Actor

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Posted September 12 2001 - 04:47 PM

Which films released this year should get an oscar or two? List the film and the award, possibly other films that you think would fit in that category. I haven't seen many films at all this summer, but Memento should really get something. I would hope Best Film or Screenplay. I would say Final Fantasy for Special Effects, considering that its all Special Effects. If not this, then probably A.I.

#2 of 38 OFFLINE   Jason Seaver

Jason Seaver

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Posted September 12 2001 - 05:06 PM

Go here and scroll down a little. Yes, I absolutely adored A.I.
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#3 of 38 OFFLINE   Tino



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Posted September 12 2001 - 05:46 PM

Isn't this thread a bit premature?

Why not ask AFTER ALL the films of 2001 have been released?

Makes sense, no? Posted Image


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#4 of 38 OFFLINE   Morgan Jolley

Morgan Jolley

    Lead Actor

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Posted September 12 2001 - 06:24 PM

True, but what do you think so far would be the best Oscar contenders? If we can get a list of what we think would be the winners for each category right now, then we won't have to assemble one later and can just modify it as films come out. The Oscars for 2000 had a lot of films that won awards that came out during or before the summer, so a lot of future Oscar winners could already be released.

#5 of 38 OFFLINE   Edwin Pereyra

Edwin Pereyra


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Posted September 12 2001 - 07:20 PM

Yes, its too early. But if you should know, read my narratives on the 2001 films link below.


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#6 of 38 OFFLINE   Dave L

Dave L

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 13 2001 - 01:03 PM

At this point, you can probably only point out likely contenders. Although, last year at this time, Julia Roberts had already locked the best actress award and "Gladiator" was being touted as a front runner. This year things look a little thinner. "Memento" looks good on the screenplay front and possibly director, Tilda Swinton in "Deep End" should be in the nominee's list for best actress, "Pearl Harbor" will lock in a number of technical awards, perhaps a song from "Shrek," Haley Joel Osment and/or Jude Law in "AI," John Hurt in "Corelli's Mandolin," and I'm sure I've forgotten a few other possibilities.

#7 of 38 OFFLINE   ScottR



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Posted September 13 2001 - 07:25 PM

I would like to see Moulin Rouge get nominations in the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress, Best Song ("Come What May"), Best Score, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, and Best Art Direction/Set Decoration categories. Okay, so I REALLY liked the film, but I think that it deserves nominations in every one of the categories that I just noted.

#8 of 38 OFFLINE   kevin_asai


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 13 2001 - 09:22 PM

Shrek gonna win best picture of 2001 Posted Image

#9 of 38 OFFLINE   TerryRL



  • 3,977 posts
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Posted September 13 2001 - 11:16 PM

These are COMPLETE guesses on my part. Here goes... BEST PICTURE "Ali" "A Beautiful Mind" "Gangs of New York" "The Majestic" "Memento" Winner: "Gangs of New York" BEST DIRECTOR Wes Anderson "The Royal Tenenbaums" Ron Howard "A Beautiful Mind" Michael Mann "Ali" Christopher Nolan "Memento" Martin Scorsese "Gangs of New York" Winner: Martin Scorsese "Gangs of New York" (it would be his first Oscar win) BEST ACTOR Jim Carrey "The Majestic" Russell Crowe "A Beautiful Mind" Guy Pearce "Memento" Will Smith "Ali" Denzel Washington "Training Day" Winner: Denzel Washington "Training Day" BEST ACTRESS Anjelica Huston "The Royal Tenenbaums" Julianne Moore "The Shipping News" Gwyneth Paltrow "The Royal Tenebaums" Hilary Swank "The Affair of the Necklace" Kristen Scott Thomas "Life as a House" Winner: Julianne Moore "The Shipping News" BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Daniel Day-Lewis "Gangs of New York" James Gandolfini "The Man Who Wasn't There" Ed Harris "A Beautiful Mind" Bill Murray "The Royal Tenenbaums" Jon Voight "Ali" Winner: Ed Harris "A Beautiful Mind" BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Cate Blanchett "The Shipping News" Penelope Cruz "Vanilla Sky" Cameron Diaz "Gangs of New York" Heather Graham "From Hell" Carrie-Anne Moss "Memento" Winner: Cameron Diaz "Gangs of New York" BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY "Ali" "A Beautiful Mind" "Ocean's Eleven" "The Shipping News" "Vanilla Sky" Winner: "Ali" BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY "Gangs of New York" "The Majestic" "The Man Who Wasn't There" "Memento" "The Royal Tenenbaums" Winner: "Memento" BEST ANIMATED FEATURE "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" "Monsters Inc." "Shrek" Winner: "Shrek" BEST ART DIRECTION "Ali" "Gangs of New York" "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" "Pearl Harbor" Winner: "Gangs of New York" BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY "Ali" "Gangs of New York" "Ocean's Eleven" "Memento" "Vanilla Sky" Winner: "Ali" BEST COSTUME DESIGN "The Affair of the Necklace" "Ali" "Gangs of New York" "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" "Pearl Harbor" Winner: "Gangs of New York" BEST FILM EDITING "Ali" "Gangs of New York" "Memento" "Ocean's Eleven" "Vanilla Sky" Winner: "Memento" BEST MAKEUP "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" "Planet of the Apes" "Vanilla Sky" Winner: "Planet of the Apes" BEST ORIGINAL SCORE "Gangs of New York" "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" "The Majestic" "Pearl Harbor" "The Shipping News" Winner: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" BEST ORIGINAL SONG (I have no guess as to who'll fill out the roster of nominees) BEST SOUND "Ali" "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" "Pearl Harbor" Winner: "Pearl Harbor" BEST SOUND EFFECTS EDITING "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" "Pearl Harbor" Winner: "Pearl Harbor" BEST VISUAL EFFECTS "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" "Pearl Harbor" Winner: "Pearl Harbor"
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#10 of 38 OFFLINE   Ross Williams

Ross Williams

    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 14 2001 - 06:55 AM

I like how you're making guesses on films that are still months away from opening. I'd like to compare your list to the actual list, when it comes out in 7 to 8 months. I'm betting your actually about 50% right.

I wouldn't count on Gangs of New York to get so many nominations though. 1 or 2 tops. Scorsese pictures always get the shaft.

And what was with your Best Animated Feature? Is that a new category that I'm unaware of?

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#11 of 38 OFFLINE   Thi Them

Thi Them


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Posted September 14 2001 - 07:45 AM

Ross, Best Animated Feature will be a new category starting with the 2002 Oscars. ~T

#12 of 38 OFFLINE   Alphonse Brown

Alphonse Brown

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 14 2001 - 08:14 AM

Based on the movies I've seen so far, I'd like to see Shrek and Memento well honored. Since I am a movie score lover, I would be very happy to see Alan Silvestri win for his The Mummy Returns score.
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#13 of 38 OFFLINE   Morgan Jolley

Morgan Jolley

    Lead Actor

  • 8,300 posts
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Posted September 14 2001 - 03:33 PM

I would love to see Memento get SOMETHING. That movie is just too good to not get anything. As for Final Fantasy being a nominee in Best Animated, I'm not quite so sure. I loved the film and all, but I don't think its Oscar quality. I think it would be funny if it got Best Makeup, though I wouldn't be surprised for Best Sound or SF/X, since the movie is entirely digital. I doubt it will win anything (as predicted above).

#14 of 38 OFFLINE   Thi Them

Thi Them


  • 3,650 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 20 1999

Posted September 14 2001 - 04:24 PM

I think Final Fantasy deserves to be nominated for Best Animated Film, but I have a feeling that the Academy will overlook it. Additional categories that it could be nominated for are Best Song and Best Score. ~T

#15 of 38 OFFLINE   ChristopherS


    Second Unit

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Posted September 14 2001 - 07:17 PM

I am hoping Pearl Harbour gets nominated for Best Picture. Such a beautiful love story ... Posted Image


#16 of 38 OFFLINE   Dan Hitchman

Dan Hitchman


  • 2,714 posts
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Posted September 14 2001 - 11:26 PM

Chris, you're kidding right? Memento is in the front of the pack so far IMHO for best picture. Dan ------------------ Stop HDCP and 5C-- Your rights are at risk!

#17 of 38 OFFLINE   Seth Paxton

Seth Paxton

    Lead Actor

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Posted September 14 2001 - 11:51 PM

After watching Memento again the other night, I'm actually getting convinced that it will get a Best Picture nod after all, plus Pearce for actor, and the screenplay. I say this because of the beautiful cinematic shots, the clever direction/editing - and not the reverse thing, but rather the interleaving of the final moments throughout the film - and the OUTSTANDING dialog. The last 5-10 minutes of dialog are by far the best I've heard this year and better than anything from last year completely. The film has too much buzz, it's become well-known in the industry even if it didn't make big cash, and it spent much of the year by itself on people's top 10 lists. Right now we are seeing lots of speculation on these new contenders, but as we see every year many of those fall through and a film or 2 from early make it in. Just last year we saw Erin B. and Gladiator get in despite the fact that with 2 months left in the year we had TONS of Oscar contenders, most of which didn't pan out.

#18 of 38 OFFLINE   Morgan Jolley

Morgan Jolley

    Lead Actor

  • 8,300 posts
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Posted September 15 2001 - 11:43 AM

Memento blows away most of the films I have seen in the last few years (besides a few). I would not be surprised to see it walk away with at least two awards, hopefully Best Film. Final Fantasy was a great movie (IMO) and should get something. Best Animated Film is a new category, so it would make sense that there aren't too many films in it (like the one category last year that had 2 nominees in it) but I doubt it would win. Shrek was more popular, which would affect the voting. I wonder if CGI animation (like FF and Shrek) counts as special effects. If it does, then Final Fantasy should win because of the scale of it and the fact that some scenes really did look real. Even if it doesn't win anything, it should be recognized for what it did and how it affects CGI animation in films. I never heard the soundtrack, so I'm not sure if it will get nominated for anything like Score or Song. I heard that the Lara Fabian song was good, though. But Memento really should win something. [Edited last by Morgan Jolley on September 15, 2001 at 02:47 PM]

#19 of 38 OFFLINE   Seth Paxton

Seth Paxton

    Lead Actor

  • 7,588 posts
  • Join Date: Nov 05 1998

Posted September 15 2001 - 11:44 PM

I forgot to mention the other 2 notable films with shots at a major: The Deep End - so far it's as much a Best Actress shoe-in as Erin B was last year. Of course, that can change. The Pledge - Jack and the script could both get noticed, also a Supporting Actress nod wouldn't be crazy for Robin.

#20 of 38 OFFLINE   John Thomas

John Thomas


  • 2,637 posts
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Posted September 16 2001 - 01:25 AM

Wow. It's really hard to call at this time. What usually happens is that the nominees are mentioned then I catch those specific movies (although I still haven't gotten around to seeing Before Night Falls from last year).

As far as my take on it, I'd probably throw in Memento, A.I., Moulin Rouge for best movie so far. Maybe Bobby Deniro, The Score, Guy Pearce, Memento and Haley Osment, A.I. for best actor.
Heck, better include Jason Mewes..he may not appear in another movie again. Posted Image

Seth, I agree that Memento has the buzz going for it, similar to Crouching Tiger when it was making it's big push here in the states. If it's not nominated, I will be really surprised, not to mention disappointed.


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