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#181 of 191 OFFLINE   DeWilson



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Posted April 21 2015 - 10:33 AM

There are some particularly good  episodes that are NOT in the  restored Encore 'bundle' currently on Cozi TV



'The Protector' - GB - Glenn Howard looks into a millionaire right wing extremist (Guest Robert Young - here the total opposite of Marcus Welby !) after a young reporter dies...a private Army appears to be being put together on his vast estate...



This episode DID aire on ENCORE, I've got a recording of it. 

#182 of 191 OFFLINE   Pathfiner


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Posted April 21 2015 - 11:44 AM

has it been rerun on COZI TV do you know ? - I've not seen it included in any youtube postings that were up a while back or listed on the Rembembering...TNOTG Facebook page recently 


who was put up first on the opening graphic ? Encore's screening seemed to be the time they 'froze' the graphic on most episodes in a 'Stack-Barry-Franciosa' order (taken from a Robert Stack episode) when originally it rotated...

#183 of 191 OFFLINE   jperez


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Posted May 20 2015 - 04:29 PM

A representative for Shout! Factory reported earlier today that they have no updates regarding their announced plans to release "The Name of the Game - Season 1" on dvd, as that title is "still in limbo at this point in time." We will keep following this if any change develops.

#184 of 191 OFFLINE   Pathfiner


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 21 2015 - 05:21 AM

Thanks for the update - rather disappointing news of course tho' at least they have NOT cancelled the proposed release on DVD (well not as yet anyway) 


the problem appears to be getting ALL the episodes into standardised format, plus then full restoration of the remaining episodes (& the 1966 pilot 'Fame is...TNOTG')


while the episodes Encore TV - and currently COZI TV - have/are rerunning are all fine, they are a cross section of all three seasons thus no individual season to date can be released in full...


music clearances might be outstanding on the more recently unseen episodes too (?) 


At the moment I'd be VERY happy to settle for a 'Featured Episodes' select Box Set of the 32 or so already restored episodes (with the original 'Rotating' opening graphic restored please !) just to SEE the classic show once more (it's not been on in the UK since 1974 !)


then any season one, two, & three full box sets - or the complete series (& pilot)  -could follow in due course as & when....


it's SO frustrating for when a season one cover and announcement suddenly appeared stating an August, then October 2014 release date...then 'coming in 2015' it all looked so promising...


at least the show IS currently running in the USA on COZI TV again which must be a 'plus' factor...


meanwhile, I'll keep on 'pestering' Shout, & Universal via their 'contact us' website pages ! 

#185 of 191 OFFLINE   Neil Brock

Neil Brock


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Posted May 21 2015 - 08:08 AM

The 44 episodes that were remastered for Encore Mystery in the 90s all have music replacement and Shout doesn't want to put them out that way. Universal doesn't have a set of 16mm prints, only 35mm. There is a set of 16mm prints at UCLA, but they are in bad shape and not useable. So unless Universal decides to transfer the shows themselves from 35mm (highly unlikely) or they let Shout do it out of house at a fraction of the Universal in-house costs (even less likely), there is really no way that this show is ever going to come out on DVD. Stranger things have happened but at this point there really doesn't appear to be a workable solution to the elements issue.

#186 of 191 OFFLINE   Pathfiner


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 21 2015 - 11:30 AM

Thanks for that info (if gloomy !) - I saw posted on youtube a number of episodes a while back (most since taken down - tho' a couple remain)


The opening first season episode; 'Fear of High Places' (Tony Franciosa) did still feature the catchy incidental theme (heard at the beginning over the episode credits) which I recall from the late sixties  so not all the music had been replaced


plus several songs (if not all) sung by the (unseen by the actors) vocal group in the Gene Barry episode; 'All The Old Familar Faces' (season three) were intact too


I can understand Shout wanting to do it properly re any replacement music following the outcry to CBS re 'The Fugitive' DVD releases 


we can but hope Universal do allow Shout to have the entire series & pilot TV Movie properly restored soon - there would be a market from TV following these COZI TV runs as many top guest stars featured, plus they are 'feature length' episodes thus TCM or any Classic Movies channels (like Universal's own) could show them in afternoon slots (as they last were done in the UK in 1973-74) like Universal's 'Mystery Movies' Columbo, McCloud, Banacek, etc  (which TNOTG paved the way for with many production staff working on both series)


Susan Saint James got her starring role in 'McMillan and Wife' as a direct result of her award winning supporting role as 'Peggy Maxwell' in TNOTG...


while 'Columbo' is never off our screens here in the UK (!)...it's on umpteen channels (I can't watch it anymore at the moment, I know them all line for line !)


I do know a guy in Australian TV Loved TNOTG too & he was trying to get it for Aussie screening but hit the same problems re formats, clearances, etc...


TNOTG was one of the most lavish expensively made TV shows - it featured three major leading Television stars

- Gene Barry / Tony Franciosa / Robert Stack -

 plus a handful of familiar  top 'Guest Leads' too

- Robert Wagner, Peter Falk, Robert Culp, Darren McGavin & Vera Miles...


plus had great supporting cast - it introduced Susan Saint James launching her and Ben Murphy on to greater things ....


this Award winning ground breaking show featured Boris Karloff's final acting role in the Gene Barry episode: 'The White Birch' (season one)

and narration by Orson Welles in the Tony Franciosa episode: 'The Enemy Before Us' (season three)

plus a memorable performance by Sharon Farrell as a 'Janis Joplin'  style rock chick in the Robert Stack episode: 'A Hard Case of The Blues' (season two)


even Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jnr appeared in the show (the Tony Franciosa  two part episode; 'I Love You Billy Baker' in  season three)  


TNOTG  featured early work by Steven Spielberg,  Steven Bochco, and Dean Hargrove, with work by Leslie Stevens, George Eckstein, Richard Irving, David J. O'Connell, Gene L.Coon...with music by Dave Grusin & Dominic Frontiere  


a star studded line up BOTH sides of the camera and in the music studio...


Can NBC Universal really let this historic expensively made Award winning color TV show of their own making just forevermore  languish 'forgotten' in their vault...?? (when there ARE people, on here, other forums, and the Facebook page, who are  eager to revisit the show once more, therefore ,if completely restored, it could SELL for them both on DVD and in worldwide Television reruns) 


If so,  I liked to know the 'Name of The Game'  they think they are playing...? 

#187 of 191 OFFLINE   FanCollector



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Posted May 21 2015 - 05:46 PM

Yes, Neil, thank you for the information. I am not intending this as a means of "blaming the messenger" in any way, but I find the state of affairs you describe just beyond sad. Here is a show that has enough of a market audience that a DVD company believes it will be profitable to release it. The episodes are not lost or missing; in fact, there are both 16mm and 35mm versions of every episode. And still, it is just as likely that the series will never be released. Even recognizing that this is a business and not an artistic charity, it's wrong when an available product with an audience and a willing distributor will languish unseen because of the copyright holder's bizarre internal business practices and the distributor's ever-changing picture quality requirements.

#188 of 191 OFFLINE   Pathfiner


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Posted May 22 2015 - 04:36 AM


Let's not be too downbeat here !


The fact COZI TV is again rerunning the 44 restored episodes IS a very big 'plus' in itself


- while the show has a very positive Facebook page following and is discussed on various forums - plus the fact so many TOP stars were in it, it's in color, is an award winning show and paved the way for the seventies 'Mystery Movies' (the sunday ones even have identical yellow episode credit lettering !) plus involved figures such as Steven Spielberg, Steven Bochco, Leslie Stevens, Dean Hargrove, Richard Irving, Gene L.Coon, George Eckstein, Dave Grusin, Dominic Frontiere, etc...


while Susan Saint James & Ben Murphy as the supporting cast later became leading stars themselves ('McMillan and Wife', 'Kate & Allie', 'Alias Smith and Jones', 'Gemini Man' etc) 


and in Gene Barry, Tony Franciosa, Robert Stack - the show had three major leading actors each of whom were Stars in  other successful TV shows - several that that ARE already out on DVD ('Bat Masterson', 'Burke's Law', 'The Adventurer', 'Search', 'The Untouchables') plus were in memorable films too ('The War of The Worlds', 'A Face in The Crowd', 'The Long Hot Summer', 'The High and the Mighty', 'The Last Voyage',  etc)


so the pedigree of TNOTG is without doubt - I suspect the show became 'eclipsed' by those seventies  'Mystery Movies' it paved the way for, plus shows like 'Search' with rotating lead stars, seldom being rerun it vanished into the Universal archive and our memories...


The fact all three stars are sadly no longer with us...and each were perhaps more readily associated with films & other TV shows ('Bat Masterson', 'Burke's Law', the 'Columbo' pilot; 'Prescription Murder', 'The Adventurer', 'Valentine's Day', 'Search', 'Matt Helm', 'Finder of Lost Loves', 'The Untouchables', 'Most Wanted', 'Unsolved Mysteries' etc)  and thus when interviewed they were always asked re other films and shows they had done, has led to TNOTG losing any profile and gradually slipping from wider public view.....


I am surprised given Susan Saint James & Ben Murphy's  later success, and the fact figures such as Boris Karloff, Orson Welles, Sammy Davis jnr, Frank Sinatra, ...plus 'cult' fgure actors like Pete Duel (two episodes), Sal Mineo, and stars the likes of Roddy McDowall, Leslie Neilsen, William Shatner, Jack Klugman, Burl Ives, David Carradine, Ricardo Montalban, Julie Harris, Robert Duvall, Bandon de Wilde, Shirley Jones, Honor Blackman, Donald Sutherland, Will Geer, Brenda Vaccaro, Steve Forrest, Pernell Roberts, Chuck Connors, Robert Young, Jack Kelly, Charles Boyer, Jessica Walter (best remembered for 'Play Misty For Me') etc all appeared in the show


with occasional guest leads Robert Wagner, Peter Falk, Robert Culp, Darren McGavin, Vera Miles...


that NBC Universal have not as yet realised the quality and market potential of the award winning color TNOTG  show languishing in their vault...both for DVD release and TV reruns worldwide...


hopefully they will realise the sales potential and get the show properly restored and released in the not too distant future...

#189 of 191 OFFLINE   John Karras

John Karras

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Posted May 22 2015 - 07:58 AM

Here is a show that has enough of a market audience that a DVD company believes it will be profitable to release it.

Unfortunately, Shout/Timeless jumped the gun on announcing this title before they had a clear understanding of what was involved in acquiring useable elements.

#190 of 191 OFFLINE   Ian K McLachlan

Ian K McLachlan

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Posted May 22 2015 - 09:20 AM

As I live in Britain this show is sadly not on any of our channel and I would like to see at least some episodes released on DVD.  Perhaps if they released the pilot as a standalone first.....

#191 of 191 OFFLINE   Pathfiner


    Stunt Coordinator

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  • Real Name:Jeff
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Posted May 23 2015 - 03:41 AM

I have read that the 1966 pilot TV Movie 'Fame is TNOTG' starring Anthony Franciosa (later 'Tony') as Jeff Dillon & introducing a  young 19 year old Susan Saint James as 'Peggy Chan' (later 'Peggy Maxwell') has been screened in the USA on movie channels in recent years


A version of the pilot was up on youtube a year or so back in full (gone now) but was in poor condition in need of restoration


it's possible to link the 1966 pilot TV Movie 'Fame is...'  to the later 1968-71 TV version if we assume the elderly 'Glenn Howard' snr  (George Macready) head of 'Janus' Publications was the father of Gene Barry's younger 'Glenn Howard' - who had recently set up his own Howard Publications and, following his father's retirement (or passing) between 1966 & 1968, later had inherited his Dad's holding in Janus Publications,  merged Janus into his own company & 'headhunted' their star reporter Jeff Dillon & research girl Peggy....


maybe 'Fame' magazine then became a purely Showbiz aimed publication and Dillon moved over to take top crusading reporter role  on Howard's new current affairs 'People' magazine

(six years before the actual one first appeared !) 


Howard also got in a recently widowed ex-F.B.I. contact of his, Dan Farrell (Robert Stack) and made him Editor of his new 'Crime' magazine with a young cub reporter/photographer 'Joseph Sample' (Ben Murphy) working under Farrell for 'Crime'


Peggy (now 'Peggy Maxwell') was Senior research assistant ('Girl Friday') for Howard himself, Dillon, Farrell, and a few other top reporters


Howard's own execs were Andrew Hill (Cliff Potter) & Ross Craig (Mark Miller)


other top investigative reporters Howard employed were;

Paul Tyler (Robert Culp), Dave Corey (Robert Wagner),

Lewis Corbett (Peter Falk) and his top female reporter was

Hilary Vanderman (Vera Miles)


while Howard also had a 'first refusal' deal with award winning top freelance reporter Sam Hardy (Darren McGavin).


also Hallie Manville (Suzanne Pleshette) was Howard's top Showbiz/Entertainment industry columnist maybe she was put in charge of 'Fame' magazine later...(?)


for those new to TNOTG that pretty much sets the scene and key staff at 'Howard Publications' from 1968 onwards...

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