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iPad 2 Settings?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Johnny Angell, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Johnny Angell

    Johnny Angell Played With Dinosaurs Member

    Dec 13, 1998
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    Central Arkansas
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    Johnny Angell
    I just recently updated to the latest version of the iOS, it had been waiting for a while. Ever since, it seems to me that Safari is slower. I use it principally at home with my wifi and I don't think it's changed. Are there any settings I can change to improve this?

    I went into setting for safari and under advanced I found a page called "Website Data." There's a list of websites ordered by amount of data stored, with google being the biggest. What kind of data is this? Cookies, etc? My only options are to leave it alone or to "Remove all Website Data." Can I safely do that?
  2. DaveF

    DaveF Moderator

    Mar 4, 2001
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    One Loudoun, Ashburn, VA
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    David Fischer
    You'll lose history and passwords and cache. An inconvenience, no risk to important data. But it won't help with performance.The unfortunate reality is that speed tends decrease with iOS upgrades, especially on older hardware models. Still, I didn't notice much if any Safari browsing slowdown on my iPad 3 or iPad 2. You might also run SpeedTest to double check that your internet speed isnt askew, confusing the situation. Also do a reboot, to make sure something isn't running amok in the background. That happens once in a while for me.

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