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CORONA, CA, July 25, 2017 – TCL®, one of the world’s largest and America’s fastest-growing television brands, today announced its continued explosive growth in the North American market, backed by new data released from NPD Group, one of the largest market research companies in the world. NPD’s recent data shows that TCL is continuing to expand at a staggering rate, including 72 percent year-over-year growth, solidifying the company as the fourth largest brand of smart televisions in the United States.

“TCL has moved into the top five TV manufacturers in unit sales according to our latest sales data that covers the first half of 2017,” said Stephen Baker, Vice President, Industry Analysis at NPD Group. “TCL’s growth coincides with the increasing adoption of smart TVs and their growing national distribution.”

Much of TCL’s success can be tied to the company’s strong retail partnerships as well as its pioneering leadership in the smart TV space. TCL formed a technology partnership with Roku TV in 2014, integrating Roku’s smart TV platform into TCL’s leading hardware. The collaboration offers consumers access to more than 5,000 streaming channels and 500,000+ movies, television episodes and more, and has helped fuel the cord-cutting movement, allowing more consumers to cut ties with their cable companies and stream content on their own time—a huge selling point for the TCL Roku TV™ lineup.

“TCL is committed to offering consumers simple, easy-to-use, high quality products that integrate stylish design and the best technology at a great price point,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. “Thanks to our technology and retail partnerships, our award-winning TCL Roku TVs have raised the bar for the smart TV experience, helping to propel us into the #4 market position just three years after we introduced this line of product in the U.S. We continue to be laser-focused on growing the TCL brand to the #3 spot in the U.S. to match our worldwide position by 2020.”

Earlier in 2017, TCL announced its largest smart television lineup since its introduction to the North American market, including 25 models across three series—the S, P and C. The 2017 portfolio ups the ante for better picture, sound, design and content on a smart TV platform. The C- and P-Series meet the highest standards for content with stunning picture quality via Dolby Vision™, supporting both Dolby Vision generic and generic HDR (HDR 10). The P-Series has already amassed a number of industry accolades and praise from top-tier media outlets including CNETPCMag.com (Editor’s Choice), The Wirecutter (Best TV) and Reviewed.com (Editor’s Choice), helping raise the visibility of TCL’s leading product lineup.

About TCL
Already one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brands, TCL is now the fastest-growing TV brand in North America. TCL (The Creative Life) was founded more than 35 years ago and prides itself on delivering high quality products featuring stylish design and the latest technology. With extensive manufacturing expertise, a vertically integrated supply chain, and state-of-the-art panel factory, TCL offers innovative televisions, including the award-winning TCL® Roku TV™.

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    Dave Moritz
  • July 25, 2017
I will stick with supporting proven companies that have earned my business and make a great product. Am sure there are those who are happy with there TCL televisions but I will stick with Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and only recently would consider an LG. These TV's are to cheap and it is hard to trust that they are using good quality parts with such a low price point and being to my knowledge Chinese brand. The above article states they are a 35 year old company but did they start off under a different name? I have not heard of TCL until recently. Do not see myself putting a TCL display in my main home theater and if finances worsen I think the only reason I would get a TCL display would be for the bedroom if I couldn't afford something better. I am just wondering if the sales growth is only because they are cheap? So many people just want the cheapest thing so they can say they have something. If anyone can chime in with the background of this company and did they really start under the TCL brand name?