A few words about…™ Doc Hollywood — in Blu-ray

Gorgeous color, perfect grain structure, wonderful resolution. 4 Stars

Doc Hollywood is, in many way, your typical “fish out of water” tale.

Directed by Michael Caton-Jones, who, of course, grew up close to the Florida locations where Doc Hollywood shot, knows the country back-woods folks.

And that may be a major reason why this charming film works.

A doctor, hoping for a new job in LA, has an incident with cattle on the road whilst on his way, and ends up — no spoilers here — spending several weeks in Grady.

And Grady is the swellest town that one could ever desire to live.

Especially with Julie Warner, as Lou, one of the locals, who may have one of the finest on-line intros since John Wayne in Stagecoach and Mr. Sharif in Aurens.

Warner Archive has seen fit to work their magic on Doc Hollywood, and we are the beneficiaries.

Gorgeous color — it was shot by Michael Chapman — perfect grain structure, wonderful resolution. The package is typical Warner Archive quality, which means that it’s about as perfect as it might be.

Does it hold up, a quarter of a century later?


It’s still the sweet tale that Mr. Caton-Jones (of the Florida Joneses) gave us.

And Mr. Fox is delightful, as always.

Image – 5

Audio – 5 (2-track stereo)

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from the DVD – Yes



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