Why I Own So Many Movies.

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In the early days of the Home Theater Forum, moderator Robert A. Fowkes (RAF) posted an essay entitled “Why Do I Own So Many Movies?

It’s hard to believe, but that essay was written more than 25-years-ago…in 1992! But a lot of the ideas contained within are still valid for many HTF members today. It was written by Doug Pratt in the introduction to The Laser Video Disc Companion.

As RAF himself noted: “Even though it was written in pre-DVD days, it applies to this format as well and is as relevant as ever.”

So let’s talk about our collections and why having these movies is so important to us.

Note of warning. This is NOT a thread about physical media vs. streaming vs. digital ownership. Any posts that start to take the thread in that direction will be edited/removed.

This IS a thread about why we love the movies so much and why we want to have them in our personal collections.

HERE is the essay…including RAF’s remarks about why he so often referred to it. Maybe you’d like to give some more contemporary examples of certain movies (or performances) that are important to you…and which are “must haves” in your own collection.

Or maybe you’ve had to answer that very question “How can you have so many videodiscs?!?” when posed by a member of your own family (maybe even your own spouse!) or a friend.

What’s YOUR answer? :D

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  1. I suppose the obvious answer is: because you can afford to. If you have a bit extra left after paying the bills, then you should spend some of it on what gives you pleasure. With me it’s listening to music, looking at movies & reading, so it’s CDs, Blu-rays & books (& a bit of alcohol). I love owning these things & try not to take them for granted…& guys love collecting, women not so much, I suppose they’re more sensible. I think in general the younger generation aren’t so hung up about owning things.

  2. I'll start. I own upwards of 600 movies. Why? Because I just love movies. These days I don't get to watch them as often as I'd like but I still love knowing I could when time is available. Today time isn't available because there's football and also my wife's priorities which included breakfast, a trip to the mall and "talking" later. She knows it's football season so maybe this was passive aggressive behavior?

  3. I now have “The Sacred 300” as an estimate, followed by the “Nice to Have Around” 100, followed by recent movies or new acquisitions I may or may not keep in the long run. I’m always weeding out new and old that I doubt I’ll ever view again.

    I also collect books, so between these two collections I have two great “comfort foods” for any mood. Some movies I watch several times a year, others maybe every five years. I’m glad they’re within reach.

  4. You must be a new collector. I have 4700 DVDs and 600 Blu-rays in my collection films & TV shows. I wouldn’t trade one of them for a download and any other format like streaming. With streaming you got nothing but a pie in the sky that can disappear at a studios whim. Then what do you have for a collection.

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