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The Features

– Mister Roberts – 1955

– The Harvey Girls – 1946

– Tenet – 2029

– That Uncertain Feeling – 1941

– Amores Perros – 2000

– Tremors – 1990

– Diary of a Mad Housewife – 1970


The Prices



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UHD Amazon BestBuy Target
Ip Man: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray 4K) (Well Go USA) $54.99 $54.99
Tenet (Blu-ray 4K) (Warner Bros.) $29.96 $29.99 $29.99
Tremors (Blu-ray 4K) (Arrow Films) $41.99 $42.99 $42.99
Vigilante (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray 4K) (Blue Underground) $34.99 $34.99 $34.99





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Blu-ray Amazon BestBuy Target
2020 Stanley Cup Champions  (Cinedigm) $22.99 $22.99
Abrakadabra [Blu-ray] (Cauldron Films) $19.99 $19.99 $19.99
Alone (2020)  (Magnolia) $12.99 $12.99 $14.99
American Rickshaw [Blu-ray] (Cauldron Films) $22.99 $22.99 $22.99
Amores Perros  (Criterion) $27.99 $27.99 $37.99
Audrey: More Than an Icon (Bohemia) $17.99 $17.99
Aviva  (Strand) $14.99
Battle of the Bulge: Winter War  (Cinedigm) $19.99
Beach House, The  (RLJE Films) $14.99 $14.99
Beasts Clawing at Straws  (Artsploitation) $19.89 $19.99
Blood Sisters  (Media Blasters) $17.99
Bodies, Rest & Motion  (Kino) $17.99
Castle in the Sky (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Shout! Factory) $19.99 $19.99 $21.99
Curse of Frankenstein, The  (Warner Archive) $17.99 $17.99
Dark and the Wicked, The  (RLJE Films) $12.99 $12.99
Devilman (Special Edition)  (Media Blasters) $17.99
Diary of a Mad Housewife  (Kino) $17.99 $17.99
Don’t Look Back  (Gravitas) $47.00
Expanse, The (Season Four)  (Universal) $32.99 $32.99
From Up On Poppy Hill  (Shout! Factory) $17.99 $17.99 $29.99
Guncrazy (1992)  (MVD) $19.99 $19.99 $19.99
The Harvey Girls (Warner Archive) $17.99 $17.99
Holiday Affair  (Warner Archive) $17.99 $17.99
Hollywood High + Teenage Mother (Drive-In Double Feature #9) [Blu-ray] (Dark Force Entertainment) $19.99
Infidel  (Universal) $22.99 $24.99
Ladybug Ladybug  (Kino) $16.59
Maniac (Special Edition)  (Blue Underground) $22.99 $22.99 $22.99
Marseilles (The Complete Series)  (Kino) $33.49
Mister Roberts  (Warner Archive) $17.99 $17.99
Mutiny!  (VCI) $16.79 $16.79
Opening Act, The  (RLJE Films) $12.99 $12.99
Orgy of the Living Dead  (Full Moon) $14.99 $14.99
Puzzle of a Downfall Child  (Kino) $16.59
Spirited Away (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Shout! Factory) $19.99 $19.99 $21.99
Tenet  (Warner Bros.) $24.96 $24.99 $24.99
Tex Avery Screwball Classics: Volume 2  (Warner Archive) $21.99
Wolf of Snow Hollow, The  (Warner Bros.) $14.99 $34.99
Young Man with a Horn  (Warner Archive) $17.99 $17.99





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DVD Amazon BestBuy Target
Alice In Deathland (Wild Eye) $13.99
Barbie & Kendra Save The Tiger King (Full Moon) $8.99
Bikini Apocalypse (Full Moon) $13.49
Christmas Mountain – The Story Of A Cowboy Angel (MVD) $9.99 $9.99
Echo Boomers (Paramount) $12.99 $12.99
Gold Digger Killer (Wild Eye) $9.99
Kenny Rogers Double Feature (Coward of the County & Wild Horses) (Shout! Factory) $13.99 $13.99 $13.99
LEGO Jurassic World: Double Trouble (Universal) $5.99 $5.99
Monster Force Zero (Wild Eye) $13.99 $13.99
Mortuary Massacre (Wild Eye) $13.99
My Prince Edward (Cheng Cheng Films) $17.99
Paintball Massacre (Uncork’d Entertainment) $11.99
Queen and the Coup, The (PBS) $16.59 $16.59
Roadkill (PBS) $22.99 $22.99 $23.49
Robo (MPI) $19.99 $24.99
Say You Love The Devil (Wild Eye) $13.99
Scream Theater Double Feature (Vol 9) (VCI) $13.99
Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales: Complete Coll. (Shout! Factory) $33.49 $33.49
That Uncertain Feeling (VCI) $13.99
Trompie (Indiepix) $13.99
Upondo And Nkinsela (Indiepix) $13.99
Victorious (Passion River) $17.99
Werewolf Island (Wild Eye) $13.99 $13.99





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The Specials


–Best Buy, this week, has EXCLUSIVE STEELBOOK PACKAGING with their 4k/UHD copies of Tenet.   Price is $34.99.

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–Target’s Weekly Ad is available at THIS LINK.


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Published by

Mike Frezon


Mike Frezon

Oct 9, 2001
Rensselaer, NY
This is it, RoundUppers! The last big week of 2020 in terms of new home video releases. (Things really drop off as we head into the weeks around the holidays.)

But what a week!!!

So many great titles--many of which are "holy grail-type" releases for many film aficionados. I've got a number of titles on pre-order (mostly from Warner Archive).

I hope there's something out there for you this week.

Safe shopping (as ALWAYS)!

Jake Lipson

Dec 21, 2002
Real Name
Jake Lipson
Thank you, Mike!

I'm looking forward to finally seeing Tenet next week in the safety of my home. The Blu-ray will be on the way from Amazon as a blind buy.

Also, I've said this a few times already this year: the steelbook versions of the Studio Gibli titles this week are going to be the same discs as were included in the previous Gkids keepcase editions. Unless you really want the steelbook, there is no reason to double dip from a previous Gkids edition to these ones.
Last edited:

Matt Hough

Senior HTF Member
Apr 24, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Real Name
Matt Hough
Warner Archive is providing an early Christmas gift with a handful of classic titles that are must-haves for me. I'm also interested, as are others, in Tenet. Even when they're flawed, Christopher Nolan's movies have always been worth watching and debating. I suspect this one will be, too.

Thanks for the prices, Mike.


Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems
Feb 24, 2000
Sonora Norte
Real Name
TREMORS IN 4K!!! Mine. I'll wait until Tenet drops to $20 before I buy it. No hurry for me there.

Malcolm R

Senior HTF Member
Feb 8, 2002
Real Name
Tenet after a price drop. Also Tex Avery Vol 2 and Wolf of Snow Hollow.


Jan 12, 2001
Count me in with ordering those WA titles. Great stuff!
  • The Harvey Girls
  • Holiday Affair
  • Mister Roberts


Senior HTF Member
Jul 23, 2001
Real Name
Just ordered Holiday Affair to watch before Christmas, and I'll soon be picking up Tenet and Mister Roberts.


Senior HTF Member
Nov 7, 2006
Real Name
I went out looking for Tenet today. First I went to Best Buy and didn't see, next I went across the street to Walmart and I didn't see it there, finally I drove a couple of miles to Target and I finally found it. Best Buy probably had it but didn't put it out yet, this happened with me recently there with the Middle Earth films. That time I found an employee to find it in the back, this time I didn't see anyone to ask.