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According to a video on the Warner Archive Facebook page, looks like The Thin Man (the first movie) is coming to Blu very shortly. The video shows them opening up a Blu-ray case with the disc inside.

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Kevin Collins



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Sep 7, 2013
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Neil Powell
So this is the 30s movie they were talking about trying to release! While I've never seen it, I want to, so it's a day one, full price purchase for me! And let me be the person to remind everybody: this is WAC's FIRST release of a 30s film on Blu-ray in nearly 4 YEARS. Otherwise translated, they are expensive restorations and/or poor sellers, so if you want more for that decade (and you want this release), you REALLY need to support this release! Especially if you want more of the series. Do not delay, do not wait for a sale (and especially DO NOT wait for a boxset, as it will be a tough enough job just to get more than this film on Blu-ray). So start saving for this one RIGHT NOW!

Matt Hough

Apr 24, 2006
Charlotte, NC
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Matt Hough
At long last! And I never expected to see it because current TCM broadcasts and the DVD look pretty rough in terms of dirt and damage. Of the original six, I do rewatch it the most often.
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