3 Stars


NEW 2019 1080p HD MASTER!

Run Time 197:00
Subtitles English SDH
Sound Quality DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 – English
Aspect Ratio 1.78:1, 16 X 9 WIDESCREEN (As authorized by the film’s director)
Product Color COLOR
Disc Configuration BD 50
Special Features: Commentary by Writer/Director Kenneth Johnson; Behind-the-Scenes Documentary.

Fifty spaceships, each three miles across, hover ominously above Earth’s major cities. The Visitors that emerge are humanlike in appearance and extend the hand of friendship. Our planet’s resources are just what these aliens need to survive. And for its future survival, unsuspecting humankind will need… a miracle! Kenneth Johnson’s science-fiction spectacular V mixes dynamic special effects with cliffhanger thrills. As fascist rule enslaves the globe, freedom fighters battle to save our species. Marc Singer heads an epic-sized cast of human defenders and — behind sleek uniforms and benevolent behavior — reptilian invaders. For unparalled extraterrestrial excitement, the invaders of V are unstoppable.

Published by

Ronald Epstein


1.78:1 may not be the ratio as it was shown on television in 1983 but it is what V was pretty obviously composed for judging from all the extra headroom on the open matte version.