WAC Release: “Gun Crazy” on Blu-ray!

3 Stars

GUN CRAZY (1949) (BD)
NEW 2018 1080p HD MASTER
Run Time 87:00
Subtitles English
DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 MONO – English
BD 50
Special Features:
Commentary by Author/Film-Noir Specialist Glenn Erickson
Feature Length Documentary: “Film-Noir: Bringing Darkness to Light” (2006)
Special thanks to UCLA Film & Television Archive for their contributions to this release

When gun fancier Bart Tare sees Annie Laurie Starr’s sideshow sharpshooting act, he’s a dead-bang goner. He and she go together, as Bart ultimately says, “like guns and ammunition.”The two become bank robbers on the run, eluding roadblocks and roaring into movie history as one of the benchmark film-noir works. Joseph H. Lewis directs this ferocious thriller, selected for the National Film Registry and often cited as a forerunner to Bonnie and Clyde. Peggy Cummins and John Dall star, meeting in a sexually charged carny shooting contest and soon driven by impulses of violence and arousal they don’t fully understand. They’re young, foolish, doomed – and point blank in Gun Crazy’s unforgiving sights.


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  1. Keith Cobby

    I know what he's saying. I really liked her in the few films she made, especially Night of the Demon and comedy roles. She came across in interviews as a really nice person. A sad loss last year.

    Eddie Muller has some great comments about her.

  2. titch

    Excellent news – this will equal or better the French blu ray that came out five years ago. Only wish Warner Archive would stop using ALL CAPS FOR THEIR SUBTITLES!

    at least they include English sub-titles unlike their DVD MOD titles which rarely if ever have them…..

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