VIZIO P-Series Quantum $1,499 at Costco

The VIZIO P-Series 65″ Quantum is now priced at $1499 at Costco (through Super Bowl, while supplies last, blah, blah, blah…). The sale was started earlier than previously indicated, which predicted a start date of January 24th. VIZIO says “…it’s not just the best TV to watch the Super Bowl, with 192 zones of dimming, Quantum Color and UltraBright 2000, it’s the best TV for watching 4K HDR movies and TV shows with more detailed highlights and better color than competitors, and at a fantastic price.” We covered the latest announced price of $2,100 last July, so $1,499 seems to represent a good saving.

A recent update has enhanced the Dolby Vision support for the P-Series Quantum to take advantage of the display’s UltraBright 2000+ Nit peak brightness. The new firmware will update automatically when you cycle the power, though you can go into the “System” menu and select “Check for Updates” to ensure that the TV has the latest firmware before your next top TV comparison.

VIZIO claims that this is their brightest TV yet, and the Active Full Array Max backlight has 192 local dimming zones to adjust to on-screen content. These simultaneous adjustments, according to the company, will add brilliance to bright elements in a scene while also producing the purest of black levels.

“The P-Series Quantum combines the best VIZIO picture quality technologies and wraps them in a beautifully modern aesthetic,” said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. “With up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness, 192 zones of local dimming and advanced quantum dot technology, viewers enjoy the ideal blend of brightness, contrast and color for a home-theater experience that rivals the cinema. Our 2018 SmartCast OS opens the door to an expansive collection of streaming options while also allowing the P-Series Quantum to fit seamlessly into Amazon and Google smart home ecosystems thanks to voice-control support.”

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  1. I don’t understand the whole fear of companies spying on what my smart tv is doing. It’s not like there’s a camera and mic in the tv. If Visio is really that interested in what I’m watching, they’re more than welcome to that info. Besides, our only smart tv is in the bedroom and we don’t use the native apps because they’re absolute garbage. The tv is used 99% for dish network and 1% for tv, as opposed to our living room plasma which is 50% tv, 25% Dish, and 25% Blu-ray.

  2. They've announced both a 75" version of this and a new even higher-end "Quantum X" line. The impression I got last year was that they weren't sure that consumers would be willing to pay what a 75" PQ would've cost for the Vizio brand. I guess they've changed their tune, which is great news for those of us whose main sets just died. 🙂

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