VIZIO announced a new lineup of sound bars at CES: the new Elevate Sound Bar, plus M-Series and V-Series lines, with the company promising to deliver higher audio performance “at every price point” with a simple user interface and a minimalist aesthetic.

Elevate Sound Bar comes with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and comprises a 5.1.4 channel system including auto-rotating front upfiring speakers for immersive audio content. The new M-Series also features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X while the V-Series rounds out the lineup pairing new designs with “great sound for everyday listening.” The 2020 models sport a more intuitive user interface with select models receiving backlit remotes, enhanced wireless connections through Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI inputs, and HDMI 2.1 inputs with eARC support (in premium models).


“VIZIO isn’t resting on its industry leadership in audio; instead we’re making bold steps forward to continue to elevate the industry and improve the listening experience across the board. Today, we’re announcing the most competitive and immersive sound bar series we’ve ever launched,” said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. “Not only do our sound bars bring a design and finish that stands out from the rest of the market, but we’re providing new levels of audio performance and ease-of-use to every price point.”

Elevate Sound Bar docks with VIZIO’s new OLED TV and features two-way left, center and right front speakers with a separate tweeter, along with dual-mid-bass drivers and passive radiators for improved low frequency response. There is also an 8-inch subwoofer for bass response down to 30Hz and two satellite surround speakers and four upfirers. The bar delivers 107dB of output from 18 total drivers. The upfiring speakers in the bar remain front-facing for stereo and 5.1 content, but automatically rotate upward for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X-enabled content.

The M-Series 5.1 and the M-Series 5.1.2 offer separate tweeters, mid-bass drivers and passive radiators for the front three channels. The 5.1 channel system utilizes a wireless subwoofer for bass down to 45Hz and separate satellite speakers immersive audio content. The 5.1.2 system adds two upfiring speakers in the bar for overhead cues. The M-Series All-in-One, meanwhile, is targeted at rooms with limited space, but enables DTS Virtual:X through two-way left and right channels and dual integrated subwoofers. The V-Series 2.1 sound bar incorporates stereo speakers and a wireless subwoofer, while the V-Series 5.1 bar adds a center channel, satellite surround channels and a front surround mode.

Voice assistant compatibility is available on all lines too. Pricing and release dates for the new products have yet to be confirmed but you can find out more from VIZIO on their CES news page here. If you’d like to see more product pics, these can be supplied on request in the post below…




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Joel Henderson
That's about fixing the previous generation of soundbars while they're at it?

Paul Bosquet

Apr 16, 2020
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Haven't seen any news on these from Vizio, but I'm interested in this setup since their costs (last year) seem reasonable and the functions provided are what I want. I do not want separate speakers and a receiver, so this seems to be where I'm leaning. I think the 2019 Vizio 5.1.2 36" with Atmos package would work for my needs.

For the 2020 models, not sure I'm a fan of having speakers that rotate however, seems like this could be a failure point.

Are there any soundbar systems that include an optional hardwired subwoofer rather than wireless only?

What would be a reason to go for the 46" width as opposed to 36"?