VIZIO announces Filmmaker Mode on 2020 TVs

VIZIO has announced plans to incorporate “Filmmaker Mode” into the company’s 2020 Smart TV product lineup. The availability of the new TV mode is the result of a partnership with the UHD Alliance (UHDA), along with Hollywood studios, members of the filmmaking community and other consumer electronics “leaders,” according to the Irvine based company. Filmmaker Mode will, in turn, provide viewers with the “cinematic experience each filmmaker originally intended.”

VIZIO has incorporated standards developed by the UHDA, and each TV will adjust picture quality settings so that a movie or TV show can be displayed in a form endorsed by the filmmaker. UHDA announced the new standard on August 27th, and is believed to be “consistent” across the television industry.

“Joining the UHD Alliance’s Filmmaker Mode initiative was immediately compelling and our team is fully embracing this new industry standard to ensure viewers can experience content the way it was intended,” said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. “At VIZIO, we are constantly innovating by integrating meaningful features and technologies into our TVs and Sound Bars and partnering with other leaders to provide stronger, smart features for an unmatched entertainment experience.”

The adoption of the new viewing mode will kick off on VIZIO’s Smart TV lineup, while the company says the TVs will include all the “other great benefits” that its products offer. VIZIO goes on to say that it will continue to enhance its TV and audio products with the goal of delivering “best-in-class” experiences for consumers with competitive pricing.

You can learn more from VIZIO here.

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  1. Josh Steinberg

    It sounds like a one-touch button to disable all the stuff that they turn on to make TVs pop in a showroom. And that’s great!

    Exactly what I was thinking. In particular, the dreaded soap opera effect.

  2. Never understood why they couldn't have TVs default to the correct settings- when looking at them in stores I always set them correctly if I could, otherwise it just looks like the store personnel don't know what they're doing if they run them in the default settings. The worst is having the motion smoothing defaulting to on as is stretching 4×3 signals- many people are so blind they think that's how it's supposed to be and leave it there.

  3. Im confused by this whole issue. From what ive read, the filmmaker mode will remove all video processing done by the TV such as edge enhancement and smooth motion. Game mode on my LGuh8500 already does this.

    And in the article raving about this mode over on the digital bits it seems to imply that this feature will make every film now look exactly as intended. I dont see how thats possible unless either every disc and stream from now on contains metadata concerning color gamut, contrast, white balance etc. wich this new mode will read and adjust, or every film made now will be mastered with the exact same settings and we will not be able to adjust.

  4. I actually keep the same setting for all content on my TV- if the brightness levels are off, that's the problem with the transfer and not my TV or its settings. (I've noticed Lionsgate movies on Vudu have the brightness level too high for example.)

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