VIVE Studios has released a new virtual reality film, 7 Miracles,  in partnership with Panogramma and Film Production Consultants. The feature-length VR film can be accessed on VIVEPORT for the HTC VIVE as well as on Android devices via Google Play store.

Needless to say, VIVE is a virtual reality platform built and optimized for room-scale VR and “true-to-life” interactions, and has created an ecosystem for VR hardware and software aimed at both consumers and developers. The VIVE ecosystem is built around the associated hardware – which will set you back $499 for a VIVE standard headset – and is supported by Viveport, a global platform and app store with a monthly or annual subscription model, while VIVE Studios is the VR content development partner.

The company says 7 Miracles is an immersive VR adaptation of the seven miracles of Jesus Christ based on the Gospel of John, and combines storytelling and the latest technology in virtual reality and a 360-degree experience. The film was created using photogrammetry and volumetric video capture, producing images in 8K. The seven-part episodic feature runs over 70 minutes, making it the “first” feature-length cinematic experience from the San Francisco-based company.

Vive Studios Releases Feature-length Cinematic VR Experience, ‘7 Miracles’

“This celebrated story has been retold over and over, yet through VR, we’ve developed an experience that allows the audience to connect with this epic in a brand new way,” said Chris Chin, Vice President & General Manager of Vive Studios. “HTC VIVE has engaged the newest methods in VR filmmaking and editing for 7 Miracles, pioneering the next generation of cinematic content.”

7 Miracles is directed by Rodrigo Cerqueira (Jesus VR: The Story of Christ) and co-directed by Marco Spagnoli (Hollywood Invasion, Hollywood on Tiber, Walt Disney and Italy – A Love Story).

New immersive tech in the world of filmed entertainment always piques this writer’s interest, as the barriers between conventional cinema and the cocooned inner world of virtual reality blur. The future of home cinema? Almost certainly not. But developments in VR will surely play an increasingly relevant part in our hobby.

7 Miracles is only available in English, but can now be purchased on Viveport, HTC VIVE’s global platform and app store, for $19.99 while Android owners can purchase the mobile version of the film for $9.99 through the Google Play Store. Additional headsets and platforms, including iOS and the VIVE Wave platform, will be compatible at a later date.

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