Home theater processor manufacturers Trinnov Audio have revealed their upcoming CEDIA plans, which include demoing DTS:X Pro technology. Trinnov is the first company to bring DTS:X Pro tech to AV processors, and the immersive format can be found on both the Altitude32 and Altitude16 models. If you’re planning to go to CEDIA in September, the demo will take place in Sound Room 19 where a 11.4.6 setup can be auditioned, and Control4 and Triad speakers will round out the showcase.

DTS:X Pro can support up to 30.2 discrete speaker outputs with the capability to scale dynamically based on source material and output layout. DTS Neural:XTM is an included up-mixer ensuring channel-based content is correctly distributed to all connected speakers, and audio objects can be rendered to precise locations based on a particular speaker layout. Current owners of either of the two processors will be able to upgrade to DTS:X Pro through a no-charge software download.

Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov’s CEO, commented, “Trinnov has been collaborating with the DTS team since 2014, leading to the first public demo of DTS:X at CES 2015 on an Altitude32 processor. Our unique software-based platform consistently enables us to release new formats before other high-end home cinema processors, which means that our design allows us to deliver the latest technologies to our customers at their earliest availability. This was the case with DTS:X, and by continuing to work closely with DTS, we are now very pleased to be able to introduce DTS:X Pro, as the first licensee of this technology. This accomplishment is yet another example of our commitment to high spatial resolution.”

Trinnov’s Altitude32 processor was debuted in 2014 and is capable of up to 32 discretely rendered channels for a home theater, and the company says that five years on, it is still the only home theater processor that can do so. Meanwhile, the lower-cost Altitude16 can render 16 discrete channels. For more information, visit Trinnov or DTS.

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Martin Dew