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Trinnov has announced the release of a new “high channel count” power amplifier, the Amplitude16, shipping from December. The company says the model promotes rack efficiency, low-heat, and is effectively two 8-channel amps contained within a single  3RU chassis. The unit includes dual power supplies, each requiring their own 15A AC mains inlet. Power is rated at 200W into 8 ohms and 400W into 4 ohms.

Pairs of amplifier channels can be bridged to increase available power for specific outputs, enabling integrators to maximize power for the channels supporting greatest demand (such as screen channels). In bridged mode, Trinnov claims per-channel power increases to 800W at 8 ohms and more than 1,000W at 4 ohms.

“When we set out to create a new companion amplifier for Trinnov’s Altitude processors, we recognized that just another power amp would not do. It needed to be something special to carry the Trinnov name, and the Amplitude16 indeed fits that description,” said Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov CEO. “Its unique versatility provides integrators and system designers with a great-sounding, powerful tool for optimizing dynamic power delivery by channel in a space-saving, cost and energy-efficient manner.”

An optional Dante input board (available 2022) acts as a hardware status monitor and allows the power amp to be connected to Trinnov’s Altitude processors via a network switch. There will also be future compatibility – via free update – with Ravenna/AES67 later this year for Altitude processors. Balanced analog inputs to the Amplitude16 comprise dual Tascam pinout DB25 connectors eliminating the need for individual XLR connections. For more information, go to Trinnov.


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John Dirk

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Thanks Martin!

Even without pricing this is an exciting announcement to me as it represents one of the most respected brands in the industry placing extreme confidence in Class D architecture. Anyone still doubting whether or not Class D is the future should take notice.