Tributaries has announced the UHDV VEGA, an Active Optical (AOC) HDMI cable designed with “RTR Technology” to transport HDMI signals at a data rate of 18Gbps with lengths from 10m to 50m (164ft). The company says this is a benchmark solution for running 18G 4K/60 long distances thru walls and ceilings. The cable is engineered as a hybrid fiber optic cable, and VEGA combines both glass and copper. Glass fiber is used for the four TMDS channels transport the video/audio/clock signals, while copper carries the display data channel (DDC) responsible for the 2-way communication of EDID and HDCP data.

Fiber Optic cable is immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and is capable of sending signals instantly without perceptible signal loss over longer distances than copper. Tributaries claims the TMDS information arrives instantly without losing data integrity. The EDID data travelling on the DDC is transmitted in pulses, which degrade when passing through long lengths of copper cable effectively slowing the ‘rise time’ for each pulse to a point where the signal fails. Tributaries developed rise time restorative (RTR) technology, an electronic circuit designed to preserve the integrity of the DDC Signal. Embedded in the display end connector, the RTR circuit provides zero latency in transmitting the crucial DDC signal, according to the Orlando-based company.

Jeff Boccaccio, owner of DPL Labs comments on RTR Technology: “One area in particular is the channel that supports HDCP. This channel is most important and suffers greatly with distance. Copper cables longer than 10 meters carrying digital signals are highly susceptible to a loss of performance which can only be corrected electronically. We were pleased to discover that the Tributaries Vega series has addressed this problem by adding additional circuity inside the connector to correct for these losses”

The VEGA is certified to deliver 18Gbps of uncompressed data, and includes 4K/ 60, 4:4:4 color sampling at 8-bit color (18Gbps) or 4K/60, 4:2:2 color sub-sampling, 10-bit or 12-bit color (deep color) with HDR, high dynamic range (18Gbps). VEGA will transfer 32 audio immersive audio channels and provide audio sampling frequencies up to 1536 KHz. Tributaries VEGA cables are now available in lengths of 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m & 50 meter.

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