Paul Hales, loudspeaker engineer and owner of audio manufacturer Pro Audio Technology (PRO), has announced the launch of Theory Audio Design (or simply known as ‘Theory’), a manufacturer of loudspeakers and ‘Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers’, making its debut at CEDIA Expo 2018 in San Diego, CA.

“PRO continues to thrive and is a leading brand in elite home theater and distributed audio systems around the world,” said company founder Paul Hales. “With Theory, my goal was to bring the thrilling sound for which my products are known to a broader audience, and that is exactly what we’ve done. The performance and design of the Theory products are extraordinary. I cannot wait to show off these ground-breaking products at CEDIA 2018.”

The lineup slated for availability in Q1 2019 will include loudspeaker models consisting of three in-wall and four on-wall models, featuring dual 5-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch woofers. Theory also will offer two subwoofer models with 12-inch and 15-inch high-power drivers. Three soundbars round out the loudspeaker line designed to pair with 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch flat panel TVs. Two Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC) provide ‘the power and brains behind the beauty.’

The speakers are believed to benefit from pro grade componentry incorporated into sister company Pro Audio Technology’s products, and are directed at high-end residential installations. They include 1.4-inch aluminum diaphragm compression drivers on proprietary ‘Theory ImpedanceOptimizer waveguides’, which promise to achieve 110dB of SPL with just 1W input. Emphasis has also been placed on aesthetic value with clean lines and ‘decorative trim to suit any décor.’ The on-wall and soundbar models include flexible mounting solutions with a T-slot for quick installations.

A 96kHz/24-bit DSP processing engine in every Theory setup uses a Loudspeaker Controller. Theory’s ALC-1508B and ALC-1809B eight and nine channel Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers create a new product category by combining a multichannel DSP processor, high-power multichannel home theater and distributed audio amplifier, multichannel mixing amplifier, high-resolution loudspeaker processor, and multichannel bass management in a single 1U package.

The 1U High-Power Multichannel Amplifier is fanless, and the ALC-1508B and ALC-1809B models offer two and three 300W high-current amplifier channels for subwoofer drives respectively, plus six 100W bridgeable amplifier channels to drive full range loudspeakers. The ALC-1508B can support 5.1, 5.2, 7.1 surround sound formats while the 1809B, with its additional 300W channel, adds support for 5.3, 7.2 and the new 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos format.

For the first time in a residential multichannel amplifier, according to the company, the Theory Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers can steer low frequency energy of any of the eight balanced analog audio inputs to any of the two or three subwoofer amp channels enabling distributed bass management in home theater and distributed audio applications. Full range speakers can be bass-managed to nearby or local subwoofers.

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