The High Chaparral Season 1 – Coming 8/28/18

After a long wait, it looks like we are finally getting a Region 1 release of The High Chaparral:

Looking forward to this one, I hope that Shout! will follow through and release all four seasons.

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Kevin Collins



  1. Ooh, all over this sucker. A very good late period western series, with a strong cast…have been waiting for this for a long time. $25 retail is a pretty good price for 28 episodes.

    I know this has been released before on Region 2 DVD in Europe (Germany, I believe). Does anyone here know how good the transfers were on those earlier releases? I hope Shout got some decent prints for this set. A lot of this series was shot in Arizona, with some good location work, and should look very nice if treated well.

    Cheers for the release date news (and cover image)!

  2. LouA

    Nice to see that even in the post-Timeless era , Shout Factory is issuing classic westerns . Usually when SF starts releasing a show they complete it .

    They did with Hart to Hart, and also with Barney Miller.

  3. I have the R2 Soul Media (Sweden) complete series release of High Chaparral and they do indeed look beautiful…I agree that the Amazon pre-order price of $24.97 is very attractive for season one…qid=1525398205&sr=1-7&keywords=high+chaparral , and hopefully sales for this encourage Shout to follow on with the rest of the series as fast as possible…just as a reference, the source prints for High Chaparral are considerably better (with truly vibrant color like The Virginian) than those found on Shout's releases of Big Valley, though those look pretty good too.

    I agree, it's a very good western, and sometimes brilliant on occasions. With so many of the period's great guest stars. Cameron Mitchell is one of those under rated actors. Leif Erickson, Don Collier and Mark Slade are solid. And Linda Christian, Henry Darrow and Frank Silvera represent a consistently sympathetic portrayal of the old Spanish Desert SW. Along with a balanced and often sympathetic portrayal of Apache, Navajo characters too. For me, another great virtue is the location shooting at Old Tucson, Coronado, Santa Rita, Oro Valley, Superstition and Cochise. It has the same dusty and sweaty authenticity of Rawhide because of that. (although Rawhide is superior IMHO).

    There are quite a few episodes on Youtube, sourced mostly from old Hallmark channel broadcasts. This one here, I believe, is taken from an R2 PAL source. Season 2 Ep 10, "The Buffalo Soldiers" with Yaphet Kotto and Morgan Woodward. Slightly lower res in the uploading, but it at least gives you an idea of the vibrant and unfaded colors of the source film elements. And also the sometimes grand, cinema scale of action sequences on the show. This episode had a much larger cast and extras than usual. But Old Tucson was a movie factory in those days, with tremendous resources to film Westerns. David Dortort of Bonanza was one of the producers of High Chaparral…And. of course, with great David Rose music!


  4. Well, with all the stalling of Gunsmoke and Bonanza, this is a bit of good news. I always found HC to have some excellent writing and characters on it. Does anybody hope that there'll be extras? Darrow and Linda are still alive, and I believe the actor who played the youngest son might be also.

    It would be nice if there was some material contrasting HC with Mr. Dortoff's earlier effort, Bonanza.


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