The Colossus of Rhodes (1961)- coming in May from WAC

3 Stars

NEW 2018 1080p HD MASTER
Run Time 128:00
Subtitles English SDH
DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 MONO- English
BD 50
Special Feature
Commentary by Film Historian Christopher Frayling

Filmmakers often begin their directing careers with works of limited scale. Sergio Leone began with a Colossus. Spectacle is king in The Colossus of Rhodes, Leone’s first credited film as a director. Sun-bronzed heroes (including toga-wearing Rory Calhoun) battle tyranny. Prisoners scramble for their lives in coliseum pageants of doom. Usurpers connive. Revolution erupts. And towering over all the excitement is the mighty bronze Colossus that straddles the harbor, fighting foes by dropping burning oil from the huge cauldron it holds and firing streams of molten lead from the catapults in its headpiece. Once upon a time, it dazzled the ancient world. Cult-movie fans think it’s pretty nifty, too.


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  1. I'd buy most of the historical films that Warner owns, & I actually saw this at the cinema a lifetime ago, but it's a pass. I have the DVD in a set along with The Land Of The Pharaohs (if only!) & The Prodigal (bad, but I'd I'd still buy it). I remember trying to look at the DVD of Colossus, & I gave up half way through.

  2. Not a great movie.

    Like Billy, I'd have preferred LAND OF THE PHARAOHS, but as I've said in the past, WAC has its own agenda and doesn't seem to be listening much to our requests. DARK OF THE SUN was a title a lot of people voted for during the last WB poll, so we have simply been waiting for it to appear…and I'm glad it has. The latest announcements are encouraging, as WBA appears to be back on track, giving us four titles next month.

    There is another promising development, which is that WB appears to be entering into a licensing agreement with Shout! Factory (CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE). If they would begin to license more catalog titles to niche companies, we would all benefit, as I assume they would as well.

  3. Personally I would pass on Land of the Pharaohs and The Prodigal but will buy Colossus of Rhodes and would buy Helen of Troy. Its like others have said Warner does a great job of mixing up titles from their huge catalog but they can't possibly keep everyone happy.

  4. Thanks to Billy's post above, I was reminded that I had the DVD of The Colossus of Rhodes in the Warner set with those other two sword and sandal epics, but until tonight I had never watched it (I did watch the other two when I bought the set all those years ago). I had seen the movie on TV (obviously panned and scanned) many decades ago, but it left no impression on me, so I watched it tonight.

    OK for this kind of foreign production, but it's not something I will go out of my way to buy on Blu-ray. The DVD played just fine. If WA has another 4 for $44 sale and I'm looking for a fourth title to complete the order, I might consider it. Otherwise, I'll make do with the DVD.

  5. It’s interesting that we got an announcement for this film but no preorder link yet and then 7 brides (which we had no clue about when this anouncement was made) already has a preorder link within a few days of its announcement (maybe the same day?). Very interesting. I hope this title becomes available for preorder soon. I actually am more excited about this one than 7 brides.

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