The Bells of St. Mary’s Blu-ray Review (Olive Signature)

4 Stars

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The Bells of St. Mary’s Blu-ray Review (Olive Signature)

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  1. Mike Frezon

    That really sounds great.

    Kinda makes me wish I hadn't invested in the 2013 Olive release.

    I did an A-B comparison, and the differences on my 65-inch screen were marked. Smaller screens may not reveal the differences as greatly, but the new one is unquestionably more pristine.

  2. Thanks for confirming that this Signature Olive release is superior to their prior release.

    I’m wondering how it compares to the new Arrow release. The Feature is supposed to be similar, if not the same.

    I am aware that they have a different set of extras (and different region coding)

  3. The only "flaw"this movie has is that I love the exterior of their beautiful old school that they're desperate to get rid of for a mundane modern postwar building devoid of any of the beauty of their old school.

  4. Many of us who were born postwar went through a similar experience with our schools. I went to first grade in a beautiful old three-story building – Central School – that had probably been there for thirty or forty years. We were shuffled off to a wing in the local junior high school for second grade while Central was bulldozed and a new one story long and wide Central School was built on its foundation where I completed my elementary school education. The only memory I have of it now is a commemorative plate that was sold before the school was torn down to help us remember what the old building was like.

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