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Jupiter Ascending UHD Review

You can’t call a film by the Wachowski’s visually boring, and their latest, Jupiter Ascending, certainly is pretty to look at. Unfortunately, there’s not much else there, a story with so many plot holes you can drive a truck through and a hero (Mila Kunis as the title character) that could […]

Pacific Rim UHD Review

Movie-goers may have ignored Guillermo del Toro’s big budget rock -em sock ’em giant monsters (kaiju) versus giant robots (jaeger) apocalyptic epic, Pacific Rim, but positive word of mouth on the internet helped the film find its audience during second run engagements and home video. Warner’s new 4K UHD Blu-ray release […]

Central Intelligence UHD Review

It is interesting how two very similar movies can be released at the same time from different studios. Such was the case with Central Intelligence, which had the misfortune (or possibly fortune) to come on the heels of Netflix’s The Do-Over. Both films share not only the same basic plot (two “friends” […]

Central Intelligence Blu-ray Review

Central Intelligence teams massive action star Dwayne Johnson with compact comedy star Kevin Hart in an action comedy blending spy movie and high school reunion movie tropes.  As one might guess from Director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s prior work, the emphasis tilts heavily towards comedy. As one might not guess from […]

It Blu-ray Review

The 1990 miniseries of Stephen King’s It took on the daunting task of adapting the massive (>1100 pages in my paperback edition) and massively popular (14 weeks at the top of The New York Times Best Sellers list in 1986 and 1987) novel into a two episode miniseries.  It was a ratings […]

Salem’s Lot Blu-ray Review

The 1979 television miniseries Salem’s Lot was only the second filmed adaptation of a Stephen King novel (following Brian De Palma’s film of Carrie from 1976).  While its made for TV budget imposed certain limitations on the production, Producer Richard Kobritz wisely offered the project to Director Tobe Hooper who had shown a knack for […]