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9 to 5 Blu-ray Review

A satirical farce of uncommon intelligence and foresight, Colin Higgins’ 9 to 5 seems even more impressive today than it was in 1980 when it premiered to lukewarm critical response but huge box-office returns. Discuss in the forums.

Murphy’s Law Blu-ray Review

J. Lee Thompson’s Murphy’s Law is a nasty piece of goods, a violent and not-well-thought out revenge story with its protagonist as the victim rather than as the attacker. Discuss in the forums.

Eye of the Needle Blu-ray Review

Richard Marquand’s Eye of the Needle is such a masterfully layered thriller, slow in its exposition and rising ever more gradually to its pulse-pounding conclusion that it deserves to be far more well known than it is. Discuss in the forums.

From Noon Till Three Blu-ray Review

A decidedly offbeat change of pace for star Charles Bronson, Frank D. Gilroy’s From Noon Till Three works in fits and starts, a love story that passes into legend with some unquestionably nasty aftereffects. Discuss in the forums.

Tony Rome/Lady in Cement Blu-ray Review

While his buddy Dean Martin was raking in the bucks doing a series of Matt Helm spy spoofs (and earning a spot in the top ten box-office stars for two straight years), Frank Sinatra tried a traditional detective mystery series with two films as Tony Rome, Marvin H. Albert’s private […]