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What’s the Matter with Helen? Blu-ray Review

The shock machine that brought notoriety and riches to What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte was running a bit low on inspiration by the time of Curtis Harrington’s What’s the Matter with Helen? 1 commentThe thread view count is 136

Wonders of the Arctic UHD and 3D Blu-ray Review

Wonders of the Arctic is a serviceable documentary short produced for IMAX theaters about arctic wildlife and the impact global warming has on them. The visuals are beautifully photographed, and translate to UHD quite nicely, but the storyline is not as compelling as one would expect. Be our first to commentThe […]

Humpback Whales UHD and 3D Blu-ray Review

Shout Factory continues to release some noteworthy films created for IMAX screens in the UHD disc format, and MacGillivray Freeman’s Humpback Whales is no exception, and makes for another terrific demo disc for the new format. 3 commentsThe thread view count is 477

The Return of the Living Dead Blu-ray Review

Dan O’Bannon’s directorial debut, The Return of the Living Dead, finally gets the Collector’s Edition treatment it deserves from Scream Factory, with a new transfer and special features that span two Blu-ray discs. Be our first to commentThe thread view count is 384

Rocky Mountain Express UHD Review

Although sometimes dry in its storytelling, Rocky Mountain Express tells the fascinating story of how the Canada’s first transcontinental railroad was built through the often treacherous Rocky Mountains. The film is everything you’d expect from a large format IMAX documentary, with breathtaking vistas and incredibly detailed photography. 1 commentThe thread view […]