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Boy on a Dolphin Blu-ray Review

The glories of Cinemascope were never better on display than in Jean Negulesco’s Boy on a Dolphin, a dramatic adventure featuring one of the world’s most picturesque stars, Sophia Loren, and with location filming off the Greek Isles and in Athens that is simply spectacular. Discuss in the forums.

Ice Age: Collision Course UHD Review

Time seems to have run out for the Ice Age franchise. The fifth entry in the series subtitled Collision Course offers the same slapstick situations and wacky characters mixed in with world-weary counterparts that the previous four films in the series have offered, but there’s very little that’s fresh here. […]

X-Men: Apocalypse UHD Review

Not as ambitious a production as Days of Future Past nor as emotional as First Class, Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse still manages to stack and shuffle its multiple X-Men characters who must yet again face a force determined to bring the known world to the brink of extinction. Discuss in […]