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September Storm 3D Blu-ray Review

September Storm may not qualify as one of the great 3D adventures, but it’s a pleasure to welcome this beautifully restored 3D film back among its three dimensional siblings. 1 commentThe thread view count is 105

Compulsion Blu-ray Review

The notorious 1924 trial of killers Leopold and Loeb, disguised somewhat as cinematic historical fiction, gets something of an unusual treatment in Richard Fleischer’s Compulsion. 5 commentsThe thread view count is 247

Shut In Blu-ray Review

A modern variation on the dark, old house thriller, Farren Blackburn’s Shut In provides a lot of smoke and mirrors to mask its inadequacies but to little purpose: this is a threadbare scare picture that only the most naïve would succumb to. Be our first to commentThe thread view count […]

Kiss of Death (1947) Blu-ray Review

A film noir classic with two indelible star performances and a more domestically-focused story than usual for the genre, Henry Hathaway’s 1947 Kiss of Death remains a fine, imminently viewable achievement. Be our first to commentThe thread view count is 148