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The Jungle Book (2016) Blu-ray Review

Disney’s 2016 live action version of The Jungle Book is an ingenious, imaginative amalgamation of live action photography and computer generated background, foreground, and effects shots that are accomplished so seamlessly that its studio origins are remarkably camouflaged. Discuss in the forums.

Castle: The Complete Eighth and Final Season DVD Review

Unquestionably the most popular crime procedural ABC has fronted in many years, the final season of Castle unfortunately got too caught up in its unsatisfying on-going mystery arcs taking time away from the single episode crime stories and the always fun character interactions that have been the series’ hallmarks. Discuss […]

Zootopia Blu-ray Review

There’s a mystery to be solved among the walking and talking animals in Zootopia, another winner from the Walt Disney Animation Studio wing of the Disney company. Discuss in the forums.