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Son of Flubber Blu-ray Review

For those who didn’t get enough of the magical flubber and its eccentric inventor in Walt Disney’s hilarious The Absent-Minded Professor, the man and his inventions return in Son of Flubber, a typically weaker if nevertheless entertaining sequel to the earlier comedy. 3 commentsThe thread view count is 170

Queen of Katwe Blu-ray Review

Despite its familiar basic narrative, Queen of Katwe draws one in to its story of a chess whiz rising from the depths of poverty with the help of a loving mentor and her family’s support. Be our first to commentThe thread view count is 159

The Light Between Oceans Blu-ray Review

An emotional melodrama that will move you just as quickly to anger as it will to tears, Derek Cianfance’s The Light Between Oceans is a beautifully made but dramatically unsteady movie of the old school. Be our first to commentThe thread view count is 144

The BFG Blu-ray Review

Steven Spielberg’s The BFG, a precocious fantasy set in the early 1980s, contains the magic and mirth that have come to be associated with the filmmaker at his most playful and child-like. 12 commentsThe thread view count is 972