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Cat People (1942) Blu-ray Review

One of the greatest fright pictures of the era, Jacques Tourneur’s Cat People, has very little outright gore, and yet its creative use of light and shadow and its uses of sound to suggest things into the audience’s imaginations results in suspense sequences which can rank with the greatest ever […]

Chimes at Midnight Blu-ray Review

Orson Welles’ remarkable meshing and mangling of five Shakespearean plays to achieve the story of Sir John Falstaff makes Chimes at Midnight one of his most unusual and ambitious cinematic enterprises. Discuss in the forums.

A Taste of Honey Blu-ray Review

A somber, poignant drama of ordinary lives playing out through an extraordinary film, Tony Richardson’s A Taste of Honey offers a raft of accomplished performances and a rare first look at modern British cinema taking a shift into a new direction. Discuss in the forums.

Woman in the Dunes Blu-ray Review

One of the great achievements of Japanese cinema and a film that combines fascinating philosophical quandaries within the film while offering mesmerizing video and audio to keep the audience completely hooked, Woman in the Dunes makes a welcome upgrade to high definition from Criterion. Discuss in the forums.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan Blu-ray Review

Alexander Hall’s classic romantic fantasy Here Comes Mr. Jordan remains as endlessly amusing, clever, endearing, and dreamy as it was at its inception (as the play Heaven Can Wait) gaining points for its whimsical view of the hereafter and preventing larcenous bankers, crooked fighter managers, and even two murder attempts […]