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His Girl Friday Blu-ray Review

Combining the rapid-fire stage treatment of the classic newspaper comedy The Front Page with a modification which altered the original characters now butting their way through a battle-of-the-sexes farce, Howard Hawks’ His Girl Friday ranks among the greatest screwball comedies ever made and most certainly one of the last masterpieces […]

The Asphalt Jungle Blu-ray Review

The proud father of such 1950’s cinematic heist films as Jules Dassin’s Rififi and Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing, John Huston’s The Asphalt Jungle can stand as tall as any of them. 2 commentsThe thread view count is 380

Cat People (1942) Blu-ray Review

One of the greatest fright pictures of the era, Jacques Tourneur’s Cat People, has very little outright gore, and yet its creative use of light and shadow and its uses of sound to suggest things into the audience’s imaginations results in suspense sequences which can rank with the greatest ever […]

Night Train to Munich Blu-ray Review

Night Train to Munich was an excellent learning project for director Carol Reed who obviously used his experiences with this thriller to later turn out a handful of real masterpieces in the genre. 6 commentsThe thread view count is 653

Chimes at Midnight Blu-ray Review

Orson Welles’ remarkable meshing and mangling of five Shakespearean plays to achieve the story of Sir John Falstaff makes Chimes at Midnight one of his most unusual and ambitious cinematic enterprises. 20 commentsThe thread view count is 1485