SVS is launching a Black Friday promotion for 2020 with the most popular of the company’s subwoofers, the 2000 Series, ‘coming out of retirement’ at their lowest price ever. Each of the SVS 2000 Series subwoofers are now available at $200 off, which represents the lowest price they’ve ever been, according to SVS, and the promotion kicks off today. The 2000 series is the most popular category of subwoofers in the company’s history and it comprises the SB-2000 sealed cabinet and PB-2000 ported cabinet models, both of which are available now as a Black Friday deal, but only while supplies last.

SVS describes the SB-2000 subwoofer as a ‘world-class’ sealed cabinet model which ‘…is a musical, well-balanced powerhouse that digs below 20Hz and blends with nearly any speakers. Powerful enough to energize a space with deep and effortless bass yet compact enough to fit into any décor.’ The model was priced at $700 and is now $499.99.

The PB-2000 subwoofer ‘…demolishes all performance benchmarks while outclassing more expensive subwoofers in every way. The ported subwoofer delivers room-shaking, heart-pounding output down to 17Hz with accuracy and precision. All at a fraction of the cost of lesser performing high-end home theater subwoofers.’ The PB-2000 was priced at at $800 and is now $599.99.

Common features to both models are 12-inch high excursion SVS drivers, 500 watts RMS (with 1,100 watts peak dynamic power with Sledge STA 500D amplifiers), a black ash finish, an ‘industry best’ five-year unconditional warranty, plus fast and free shipping. The link for ordering and further information on the promotion is here.










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Jun 20, 2000
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The SB-2000 really is a nice little sub. Great in a living space for performance to size ratio.


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Oct 14, 2008
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That's the last piece if my audio equipment I want to replace. I have all the SVS speakers and they sound excellent! My brother, who is a huge audio aficionado, was really impressed with them and surprised at how reasonably priced they are. Time to fire up that credit card!


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Tony D.
I’ve had my “tube” for a little over 20 years.
The plate died about 6 years in and they replaced it even though it was out of warranty.