If you didn’t think four ceiling channels were enough for your immersive audio setup at home, StormAudio adds another two HT processor/preamps to its line of high-end gear, which will be demoed at CEDIA Expo this year in two locations. Both the new 20-Channel processor will do the heavy-lifting in Starke Sound Theater demo (SR#8), and the flagship 32-Digital Version will drive the Alcons Audio USA demo (SR#12) at the show in September.

StormAudio’s ISP 3D.20 Elite preamp/processor is equipped with 20-XLR outputs, the unit is considered ‘ideal’ for home theaters with more than 16 channels, such as those that employ multiple subwoofers, or with speaker configurations that accommodate all three immersive sound formats, according to French company. Shipping will begin in September at an MSRP $16,000 US, and the processor incorporates 9.1.6 native processing to support Dolby Atmos and DTS: X (and presumably Auro-3D, although not specified).

The company’s flagship ISP 3D.32 Reference Edition immersive audio preamp/processor is equipped with a Digital AES output and will be mated to an active Alcons 9.x.6 proprietary pro-ribbon loudspeaker system for a full digital path at the show, although no price tag is attached here.

More details of the demos at CEDIA from StormAudio and partners, for those interested, are here:

The Starke Sound demo system will consist of multiple 7-channel A7 MKII Class A 480-watt per channel amps; three IC-H5 LCRs; twelve IW-H3 in-wall speakers; two 2,500-watt amplified SUB45 subs and two 800-watt amplified SUB36 subs. Video is provided by a JVC projector and 150-inch 16:9 Spectro Screen.

The Alcons Audio USA demo will include three Alcons CRMS mkII 3-way screen loudspeakers; six CRMSC-SRHV as top surround speakers and two as side surround speakers; two CRS8 as front wide speakers and two CRS8 as rear surround speakers. For bass duties four of the brand-new dual-coil, extreme-excursion CRMS-LFE18 subs will be deployed. The entire system is driven by 22-channels of Sentinel, Alcons’ high-resolution Amplified Loudspeaker Controller. A Sony VPL-VW5000ES 4K laser projector and ScreenAcoustics (DreamScreen) UltraWeave V6 patented acoustically transparent projection screen system provide video.



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